UBC English professor’s film selected for Telefilm Canada and Rogers award

A film by Sandra Tomc, associate professor in the Dept. of English and a documentary filmmaker, has been selected by Telefilm Canada and Rogers Group of Funds to receive funding through the Theatrical Documentary Program in 2011-2012. Tomc co-authored Citizen Marc with her husband and filmmaking partner, Roger Larry.

The film is a documentary feature about B.C. marijuana legalization activist Marc Emery, who is currently serving five years in a U.S. prison for selling marijuana seeds over the internet. A biographical look at Emery’s passionate libertarianism and his long struggle against “government,” Citizen Marc traces the convoluted, often comical path of Emery’s life as a protestor and a narcissistic life-style celebrity and self-styled existential hero.
The duo will use the $70,000 award towards finishing the film for theatrical and television distribution. The film has been picked up by a major Canadian film distribution company and will be shown in festivals, Canadian theatres, and on television over the next two years.

Initial funding support was given by a Canadian Media Fund grant and a UBC Hampton grant.

For more information, visit: http://www.telefilm.gc.ca/en/news/releases/2011/12/12/telefilm-canada-and-rogers-group-funds-announce-funding-eight-canadian-thea