UBC China Links Program holds three-day workshop

Built from the successful Summer Institute China Program at UBC, China Links was developed with the encouragement of government and business leaders across Canada who expressed a need for intensive training on practical problem-solving for professionals, executives and officials working in or with China. Participants leave with a firm understanding of important Chinese policy and regulatory issues, the cultural factors of doing business in China, and the decision-making approaches that create successful outcomes.

The first module of the China Links Program will be held at UBC Point Grey campus from April 12-14, 2012 followed by one week in Shanghai from May 7-11. At the three day workshop at UBC, participants will receive a comprehensive overview of the current Chinese operating environment and the various risks and opportunities that are prevalent. Experiential exercises will allow them to understand problem-solving approaches by working through situations that are commonly encountered in China.

The Shanghai segment is week-long and continues the emphasis on expert instruction and experiential learning through role-playing and simulations. Site visits in Shanghai include a foreign-invested enterprise and a Chinese government agency.

For more information, visit http://www.chinalinks.ubc.ca/cl-core-program/