Get ready for the 2011 UBC United Way Campaign

UBC’s annual United Way Campaign kicks off October 17. After the success of the 2010 campaign, when UBC won the Quantum Leap Giving Award from the United Way of the Lower mainland for dramatically increasing its giving over the previous year, the stakes are high for 2011.

Every fall, UBC staff, faculty, and students join together to raise money for the United Way of the Lower Mainland and United Way of the Central Okanagan.  Funds raised help support over 190 non-profit organizations all working to meet the health and social needs of Lower Mainland and Central Okanagan communities.

After raising $694,584.87 in 2010, this year’s goal is to hit $700,000 between the Okanagan and Vancouver campuses. To hit that target, a number of awareness events—BBQs, jeans day, a spelling bee and more—are planned for both campuses. Faculty and staff are encouraged to donate through payroll deduction. A donation of even $10 per paycheque can make a difference. This donation gives 16 children and their parents access to community programming like story time, snack and lunch programs, and parenting sessions.

$700K goal

Oct 17 – Nov 30

Mark your calendar! The campaign will run during these dates


UBC has more Leadership Donors than any other organization in the Lower Mainland, including banks.**


Employees who donated via payroll deductions in 2010.


Number of UBC employees who have worked as loan reps since 1988.*


Of each dollar raised goes directly to services and programs.


Cost per pay for a $365 donation (after tax). This allows 22 school-age children to attend violence prevention workshops and helps break the cycle of abuse, harassment, and bullying.


Non-profit organizations supported by the United Way of the Lower Mainland and United Way of the Central Okanagan.


Events held during last year’s campaign.


Year of first UBC United Way Campaign.


Staff and faculty volunteer for UBC’s United Way Campaign.

*Loaned Reps are UBC employees seconded to the United Way to work on the campaign for four months
**A Leadership Donor is an individual who donates $1,000 (before taxes).