Eight staff members awarded 2011 UBC President’s Staff Award

Eight UBC staff members have received the 2011 UBC President’s Staff Award in recognition of their personal achievements and contributions to UBC and to the vision and goals of the university.

The awards recognize the recipients’ contributions of excellence in categories such as enhancing the UBC experience, leadership and creativity, global citizenship and emerging leaders as part of the university’s awards and recognition program.

President’s Staff Award Recipients (Vancouver Campus):

Enhancing the UBC Experience
John Amor, Dept. of Earth and Ocean Sciences
Gene Boado, Custodial Unit, Building Operations
Melanie Groom, Human Resources

Global Citizenship
Lynn Newman, Faculty of Land and Food Systems      

Leadership and Creativity
Chad Hyson, Office of the Vice President, Students
Jeff Miller, Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology

Emerging Leadership
Patrick Ho, Dept. of Microbiology and Immunology
Kyle Nelson, UBC Robson Square

To read about the recipients and their award nominations, please visit the Focus on People website at http://www.focusonpeople.ubc.ca/blog/2011/president-staff-awards-vancouver.