UBC journalism shrimp project nominated for 2011 Online Journalism Award

The UBC Graduate School of Journalism’s International Reporting Program (IRP) web project, “Cheap Shrimp, Hidden Costs”, has been nominated for a 2011 Online Journalism Award (ONA).  It is a finalist in the category of Online Video Journalism, Small Site, and the only ONA nomination for a web project created by a Canadian university.

“Cheap Shrimp, Hidden Costs” showcases a year-long reporting project on the social and environmental impact of intensive shrimp farming.  Ten students in the International Reporting class led by Prof. Peter W. Klein at the School of Journalism travelled to Thailand, the largest supplier of shrimp to North America.  The students partnered with The Global & Mail to produce a web video project for the Globe’s food series, “The high environmental cost of global shrimp”, which launched on November 20, 2010.

The students involved in the project include Kate Allen, Sarah Berman, Kerry Blackadar, Brandi Cowen, Darren Fleet, Rebecca Lindell, Karen Moxley, Alexis Stoymenoff, Faiza Zia Khan, and Magally Zelaya. Sarah Stenabaugh served as project coordinator, and Erin Empey was the web developer. 

Klein was the lead producer, along with co-instructors Trisha Sorrells Doyle and Dan McKinneyProf. Alfred Hermida was the web project supervisor. 

Klein’s “The Civil Rights Cold Case Project” was nominated for an ONA in the category of Specialty Site Journalism, Affiliated.

This is the second project of UBC Graduate School of Journalism’s IRP. The program’s first project, the Frontline/WORLD piece “Ghana: Digital Dumping Ground,” won the Emmy for Best Investigative Magazine piece and the Sigma Chi Delta Award for Best Documentary.

IRP’s third project is an ongoing series about the global shortage of medical morphine.  All three projects are available on the IRP’s website, http://www.internationalreporting.org/.

 Read more on tinyurl.com/44k7mdd.  Follow their twitter feed @IRPonline.