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Vol. 57 | No. 4

Highlights of UBC media coverage in March 2011

UBC RESEARCH ‘Clean fuel’ not always successful As reported by the New Scientist, United Press International and the Vancouver Sun, UBC researchers say a program in New Delhi, India, to […]

Investigating violence against Aboriginal women

In quiet moments, PhD student Robyn Bourgeois sometimes finds herself wondering what might have become of serial killer Robert Pickton’s victims had they escaped the culture of drugs and violence that plagues women in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside.

UBC to announce largest gift to Faculty of Medicine

The University of British Columbia will announce a major gift to the Faculty of Medicine at a presentation with university officials and the donor. Photo opportunity and media availability will follow the ceremony.

On the formation of a centre-left coalition

If the Conservatives were under 40 per cent and were still able…to get a majority, I think the frustration would be very, very high.