UBC anthropology class raises awareness for Paraguay’s isolated Ayoreo

Assoc. Prof. Felice Wyndham’s ecological anthropology class (Fall 2010) has created a blog titled EcoAnth in Action to spread the word about the threats facing the Ayoreo Indians of Paraguay who remain in voluntary isolation.  The project’s aim is to raise awareness about uncontacted cultures and to take action on the issue of territory rights and respect for Peoples in Voluntary Isolation–indigenous people who reject active contact with dominant society. 

This project was precipitated by issues raised in the Paraguayan Chaco around a planned scientific research expedition to the territories of  ‘uncontacted’ Ayoreo groups – a story which gained international press in November 2010.  Wyndham, who had lived and studied with an Ayoreo community in Paraguay, was interviewed by Canada’s National Post

Visit their blog at http://www.narratinglandscapes.net/EcoAnthInAction/