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On his Grammy nomination

I’m a scholar and a dean and it’s fun to think about these other things happening, because it’s a slightly different world

Vol. 56 | No. 12

Highlights of UBC media coverage in November 2010

Can a volcano spawn salmon? The BBC, NPR, Nature News and the Globe and Mail reported on the speculation that a 2008 volcanic eruption on an Alaskan island was responsible […]

Reflections on academic life Trapping antimatter “tremendously exciting” for Prof. Walter Hardy

A research team called the ALPHA Collaboration, with a strong contingent of Canadians, has trapped antimatter for the first time at CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research), the world’s largest particle physics lab located in Geneva, Switzerland. Their discovery was published in the November 18 edition of Nature.

UBC pioneers child rights monitoring

Ziba Vaghri is working with the United Nations to highlight the rights of the youngest members of society.