UBC members make B.C.’s 100 most influential women list

The Vancouver Sun has published a list of B.C.’s 100 most influential women. 

Women with connections to UBC include: 

Tyseer Aboulnasr, Dean of Applied Science
Clinical Prof. Penny Ballem, Hematology and Bone-Marrow Transplant
Alumna May Brown, UBC Sports Hall of Fame
Natalie Dakers, CEO, Centre for Drug Research and Development
Clinical Prof. Karen Gelmon, Medical Oncology
Nitya Iyer, former associate professor, Faculty of Law
Prof. Emerita Julia Levy, Microbiology and Immunology
Prof. Joy Johnson, Scientific Director, Institute of Gender Health, School of Nursing
Sarah Morgan-Silvester, Chancellor
Alumna Katrina Pacey, Faculty of Law
Alumna Sue Paish, Faculty of Law
Assoc. Prof. Jane Roskams, Zoology
Prof. Natalie Strynadka, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Mary Lynn Young, Director, School of Jounalism
Susan Yurkovich, Board of Governors and Director of the VGH and UBC Hospital Foundation 

To view a complete list, visit http://www.vancouversun.com/sports/influence/3751914/story.html