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Forest of clean fuel

On Dec. 15, the government will require at least five per cent of the gasoline used for transportation in Canada to be made of renewable content.

Buchanan re-born

Over the past 50 years, thousands of students, faculty and staff have made the Buchanan complex the hub of everything “Arts.”

Re-thinking the rickshaw

If you’ve been to parts of Asia or Africa, chances are a three-wheeled auto rickshaw got you from A to B. Cheap to drive and compact enough for a driver to whisk passengers through crowded streets, they are a vital mode of transportation for billions of people around the world everyday. But under their brightly painted exteriors, auto rickshaws have a dark side, a new UBC study has found.

Microscopes without borders

Anyone questioning the impact a single individual can have on the world should meet Olga Pena. The daughter of a housewife and dam builder, Pena led a team of UBC students on a “field trip” to Colombia this summer, where they inspired more than 1,000 students to take up beakers and microscopes as a means to combat poverty and neglected tropical diseases.

Putting it in writing

Okanagan undergrad travels to remote village to help preserve Indigenous language

Celebrate Learning

Vancouver campus profiles best practises.

Turning patients into professors

A UBC project is helping future doctors, nurses, social workers and other health professionals learn from those they are being trained to serve.

A safe port in a storm

When a friend introduced Serena Gibson to a joint UBC – BC Cancer Agency initiative to help her assess complementary therapies, Gibson says it was like finding a safe port in a storm.

Researchers find evidence for complementary therapies

A joint UBC-BC Cancer Agency initiative called the Complementary Medicine Education and Outcomes Research Program (CAMEO) is contributing to a paradigm shift for patients and health professionals alike, according to Assoc. Prof. Lynda Balneaves.

Staking your office territory

UBC prof studies the dynamics of territory and ownership at work.

Loud grunts may give tennis players a competitive edge: Study

You’ve heard them at tennis matches – loud, emphatic grunts with each player’s stroke. A new study by University of British Columbia and University of Hawaii researchers suggest these grunts may […]

On legalizing prostitution

Canada should commit to the abolition of sexual exploitation.