Sixth year of Okanagan campus growth increases opportunities for UBC degree

Strong demand for a University of British Columbia degree has resulted in the sixth straight year of enrolment growth at UBC’s Okanagan campus, which will welcome 1,832 first-year students, up by 22 per cent. UBC’s Vancouver campus has met its enrolment target and will have 5,666 new first-year students, a slight decrease from 2009.

“UBC has an exceptional reputation as an institution of global excellence,’’ said James Ridge, associate vice-president and registrar.  “We continue to provide an education on par with the world’s best to tens of thousands of B.C. students, while attracting bright minds from across Canada and around the world.”

In addition to recruiting its largest-ever incoming class this year, UBC’s Okanagan campus will have a total campus population of 7,004 students, roughly double from 3,516 six years ago when the campus was launched. Total graduate student enrolment is 531, up by 20 per cent from 2009.

UBC’s Vancouver campus saw overall enrolment rise from 35,152 in 2000 to 46,789 in 2009, a growth that put domestic enrolment higher than provincially funded levels.  It has aimed to reduce overall enrolment slightly and this year has a total undergraduate population of 36,518 and total graduate student enrolment of 9,957, with overall enrolment reduced slightly over the previous year.

“Domestic enrolment in Vancouver is still expected to be at about two per cent above provincially funded levels this year,” said Ridge. “So we are not increasing domestic enrolment at that campus and we are pursuing growth in the Okanagan.”

The total number of undergraduate international students at Vancouver is 3,648, up five per cent from 2009. The number of new international students to the Okanagan is up by 66 per cent, and the undergraduate international total at that campus is 410, up by 40 per cent from 2009.

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