UBC undergraduate researchers shine at poster competition

Seven UBC students were among the undergraduates recognized for their research at the 2010 Rising Stars of Research (RSR) national undergraduate research poster competition on Aug. 19.  Showcasing their work in engineering, science and social sciences, 120 students from Hong Kong and Canada presented their research at this unique cross-disciplinary conference. 

UBC was well represented with 17 participants competing in all seven theme areas: Health Sciences; Biochemistry and Molecular Biology; Life Sciences and Cognitive Sciences; Computational Sciences and Technology; Physical and Earth Sciences; Engineering; and Social Sciences. 

Lazar Milovanovic won the engineering category, and six other UBC participants were given honourable mentions.

UBC winners and honourable mentions include:

  • Lazar Milovanovic, Biological/Biomedical Engineering – Quantitative measurement of friction on single cells in microfluidics devices and the effect of polyethylene glycol (PEG) coating.
  • Mo Chen, Electrical Engineering – Guaranteeing safety of systems with discretized control using reachability analysis.
  • Kirby Goldstein, Anatomy/Physiology – Unrecognized brain injury risk in child Taekwondo competitors: methodological considerations and findings.
  • Sharon May, Pathology and Laboratory Medicine – The clogged sink model: The effects of high fat diet on peripheral ?-amyloid metabolism.
  • Eli Heyman, Atmospheric Science – Modeling detailed distribution of urban population for improved estimation of energy demand and greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Chenchong  Zhu, Physics – Loss and heating of trapped ultracold gases.
  • Genevieve Lorenzo, Psychology – What is beautiful is good…and accurately understood. 

For a full list of winners or information about the Rising Stars of Research conference, visit www.risingstars.ubc.ca .