Companies founded by UBC alumni receive Government of Canada investment

Companies founded by two UBC Engineering alumni received investments from the National Research Council of Canada’s Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC-IRAP) program. UBC spin-off Boreal Genomics Inc., founded by Andre Marziali (BASc ’89), professor in UBC’s Dept. of Physics and Engineering Physics program director, received $273,000. Day4 Energy Inc., founded by John MacDonald (BASc’59, DSc’89 and former faculty member), received $496,000.

The funding supports innovative research and development projects that will assist both firms in developing high-tech solutions for global markets.

The contribution to Boreal Genomics Inc. will help develop a new technology that can search for specific diseased DNA codes in blood or environmental samples. This will enable Boreal Genomics Inc. to develop new portable instruments for disease and cancer detection, allowing rapid diagnosis in hospitals and doctors’ offices.

The contribution to Day4 Energy Inc. will support the development of a new photovoltaic cell and module that will decrease manufacturing costs, while increasing efficiency. This will eventually help bring solar energy closer to cost parity with conventional energy.

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