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Vol. 56 | No. 6

The economics and politics of the HST

The endgame is approaching in the dramatic tax war that has raged since B.C. announced plans to scrap the PST in favor of a Harmonized Sales Tax (HST).

Mario and Guitar Hero bring kids together

Twelve-year-old Cartier Assadbeigi will be a year younger than most of her peers when she starts high school this fall.

Building a bridge with South Africa

Since fourth-year Sauder School of Business student Thato Makgolane left his hometown of Phalaborwa in South Africa, five years ago for school, he has been trying to find ways to give back to his community.

Helping students chew over their food sources

Rather than bite into a ham or peanut butter sandwich, Vancouver students could soon be tucking into a lunch they had a hand in growing or preparing.

Two studies point way for stroke research

More Canadians are surviving severe stroke, but they are also experiencing poorer quality of life, according to a study published last month in the journal Stroke by UBC PhD student Jodi Edwards.

Safety vs privacy: prof seeks balance

A video camera follows a young man leaving his apartment. Undercover police officers snap photos of him from an unmarked car.

Chicken embryos illuminate cleft palate problems

For Dr. Joy Richman eggs offer an untold wealth of information about human development.

In the news

New Hubble pictures suggest Milky Way fell together Preliminary research led by Harvey Richer at UBC strikes a blow against the prevailing theory of galaxy formation.  His research, which was […]

Is this water safe to drink?

UBC researchers hope to patent a device to detect water-borne pathogens in real time.

on Facebook and Privacy

Essentially nothing really has changed on Facebook in terms of privacy… Their approach is still that everything should still be public.