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UBC People

UBC mathematicians receive national honours

UBC mathematicians have been recognized at the national level with four research awards.

Prof. Rachel Kuske, head of the Dept. of Mathematics, was awarded the 2011 Krieger-Nelson Prize for Research Excellence by the Canadian Mathematical Society (CMS). The citation notes Kuske’s important contributions to the study of ordinary, stochastic and partial differential equations for a wide range of applications including neuroscience, mathematical biology, buckling under compression, mathematical finance, and hydraulic-fracture mechanics.  This marks the fourth time in the last decade that a member of the department has received the prize, which recognizes outstanding female researchers.

The CMS 2011 Jeffery-William Prize for Research Excellence was awarded to Prof. Kai Behrend, one of the world’s leading experts in the theory of algebraic stacks and the geometry of moduli spaces of stable maps.  This marks the fifth time in the last decade that a UBC mathematician has won this award.

Assoc. Prof. Daniel Coombs has received the 2010 Early Career Award in Applied Mathematics, adjudicated by the Canadian Applied and Industrial Mathematics Society and the Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences. The award recognizes exceptional research in any branch of applied mathematics where the recipient is less than ten years past the date of PhD at the time of nomination.

Prof. Nassif Ghoussoub has been awarded the 2010 CMS Borwein Career Award. This award recognizes individuals who have made exceptional, broad, and continued contributions to Canadian mathematics. CMS cites Ghoussoub’s role in revolutionizing Canadian mathematics and elevating its world status. He also serves as scientific director of the Banff International Research Station.

For more information, visit http://www.science.ubc.ca/news/366

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UBC prof awarded 3M National Teaching Fellowship

Prof. Anthony Clarke, Dept. of Curriculum and Pedagogy, was named one of this year’s 3M National Teaching Fellows – the most prestigious teaching award in higher education.  This fellowship recognizes exceptional achievements and contributions to teaching, learning and educational leadership across Canada.
Clarke believes inquiry and reflection are the defining features of learning and applies his ideas to his work as a researcher and mentor.  Clarke joins previous UBC 3M National Teaching Fellows Dan Pratt and Harry Hubball

For more information, visit http://educ.ubc.ca/newsandinfo/tony-clarke-awarded-prestigious-3m-teaching-fellowship

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Fisheries professor receives honorary degree

An honorary doctorate degree was recently awarded to UBC Prof. Daniel Pauly by the University of the Algarve, Portugal, for his contribution to fisheries science. 

Following the award presentation, Pauly gave a talk entitled Impact of Global Fisheries and Global Warming on Marine Ecosystems.

For more information, visit http://www.ualg.pt/index.php.

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First prize for International Criminal Law Studies awarded to UBC prof

UBC Faculty of Law Asst. Prof. James Stewart is the first recipient of the Antonio Cassese Prize for International Criminal Law Studies.  This award was established last year by The Journal of International Criminal Studies to recognize the author of the most original and innovative paper published since its inception in 2003.

Stewart’s prize included 10,000 Euros to assist his ongoing research entitled Atrocity, Commerce and Accountability: The International Criminal Liability of Corporate Actors. 

For more information, visit http://www.law.ubc.ca/news/2010/mar/03_11_2010_stewart.html

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UBC zoologist part of research group to recommend ivory trade monitoring and enforcement

Recent petitions from several African nations to ‘downlist’ the conservation status of elephants should be denied because no adequate monitoring of the impact of ivory sales or enforcement of the ivory trade exists, according to recommendations published last week by an international group of researchers which include Rene Beyers, a post-doctoral fellow with the UBC Dept. of Zoology.

“The immediate fear is that down-listing elephants or allowing one-off sales in any African nation will stimulate the market for illegal ivory everywhere, particularly in those countries where law enforcement is inadequate,” says Beyers,

For more information, visit http://www.science.ubc.ca/news/363

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UBC to host Summer Institute in Sustainable Urban Design

On July 18-23, the Design Centre for Sustainability in the UBC School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture and UBC Continuing Studies Centre for Sustainability will host the Summer Institute in Sustainable Urban Design. 

The week-long institute will deliver conceptual and practical knowledge about integrated natural systems approaches to building, landscape and urban design. 

To register and for more information visit www.apsc.ubc.ca/news/2010/mar16.html

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Engineering co-op announces contributions and awards

Canada’s National Co-operative Education Week begins March 22, and as UBC Co-op celebrates its 30th year, the UBC Engineering Co-op Program is showcasing the contributions of students to technical research projects across campus. 

Examples include: an electrical engineering student working on ways to enhance a treatment technique currently available for prostate cancer; a civil engineering student working with formulas and additives to increase the strength of concrete; and a mechanical engineering student working to implement safe, comfortable and useful interactions between humans and robots.

For more information on how engineering co-op students can contribute, visit www.coop.apsc.ubc.ca/home/2010/03/17/national-co-operative-education-week-begins-march-22nd/

The UBC Vancouver Engineering Co-op award winners were announced at the engineering co-op graduation reception held March 4 at the Vancouver Marriott Pinnacle Hotel.

Civil engineering student Amie Dawe, who successfully completed five co-op work terms both locally and internationally, is the 2009-2010 Engineering Co-op Student of the Year. She worked for Douglas Partners Pty Ltd in Australia, as well as TYAM and Urban Systems.

Prof.  Rabab Ward is the recipient of the 2009-2010 Engineering Co-op Faculty of the Year award for her support of the Engineering Co-op program. This year, Ward was instrumental in attaining $67,500 for 15 NSERC salary subsidized co-op positions in 2010.

SAP, the world’s leading provider of business software which delivers products and services to more than 25 industries, is the 2009-2010 Engineering Co-op Employer of the Year. For the past 11 years, SAP has shown a strong commitment to providing engineering co-op students with meaningful work experiences and high quality supervision. To date, SAP has hired 78 engineering students (37 in computer, 22 in electrical and 19 in Master of Software Systems).

For more information, visit www.engineering.ubc.ca/news/2010/mar17.html

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Chilean students thank Dept. of Mining Engineering and UBC community

The Chilean students at UBC thank the Dept. of Mining Engineering and members of the UBC community who contributed to the recent earthquake relief fundraising campaign for which funds were raised to build temporary housing for two families.

For more information on how to donate, visit http://www.chilevancouver.com/47.html or Facebook group:  eightpointeight – Earthquake Relief Effort For Chile.

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Green College Visiting Professor gives talks on fairy tales and folklore

Jack Zipes, one of the world’s leading authorities on fairy tales, will be at UBC from March 23 — 27 to give talks across campus and the community as a Cecil H. and Ida Green Visiting Professor.

Zipes has written more than 50 books on fairy tales and folklore, particularly how they function in the socialization of readers. Zipes is professor emeritus of German and Comparative Literature at the University of Minnesota.

For more information, visit http://www.greencollege.ubc.ca/index/spotlight45.php or contact gc.events@ubc.ca or 604-822-1878.

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Botanical Gardens featured in parenting blog

The UBC Botanical Gardens was recently featured on parenting blog yoyomama.ca.  To view the story and images, visit http://www.yoyomama.ca/2010/03/ubc_botanical_garden/.

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Campus volunteers invited to reception

A reception will be held for UBC members who volunteer with a group on campus in recognition of their contributions and to provide an opportunity to connect with other volunteers.

Date: April 14
Time: 4:30 – 6 p.m.
Place:  Centre for Student Involvement, Brock Hall
Info: RSVP by April 1 at http://www.ceremonies.ubc.ca/rsvp/index.html with code VOLREC

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