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The Research Universities' Council of BC Announces New President

UBC President and RUCBC Board Chair Prof. Stephen J. Toope today announced the appointment of Robin Ciceri as President of the Research Universities’ Council of British Columbia.

Kin Lo

UBC’s Kin Lo is an expert on Games finances and budgeting.

Paul Cubbon

UBC’s Paul Cubbon is an expert on sports marketing, advertising and branding.

Tsur Somerville

UBC’s Tsur Somerville is an expert on housing markets, real estate, affordability and urban economics.

Jim Rupert

UBC’s Jim Rupert is an expert on doping and anti-doping efforts.

Margo Fryer

UBC’s Margo Fryer is an expert on Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. She leads the UBC Learning Exchange, which will place as many as 1,000 UBC community service learners and volunteers in […]

Michael Krausz

UBC’s Michael Krausz is an expert on mental illness and drug addiction in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside.

James Brander

UBC’s James Brander is an expert on the economic impact of the Games, investment, trade, resources and sustainability.

Mira Sundera Rajan

UBC’s Mira Sundera Rajan is an expert on copyright law, trademark protection, freedom of speech and the appropriation of First Nations imagery.

Margot Young

UBC’s Margot Young is an expert on the female ski-jumping legal challenge, Games’ social impacts, civil liberties and law.