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Highlights of UBC media coverage in September 2009

Vol. 55 | No. 10

U.N. honours Peter Oberlander posthumously

UBC Professor Emeritus H. Peter Oberlander (1922-2008), founder of the School of Community and Regional Planning (SCARP) and the Centre for Human Settlements at UBC, will be recognized posthumously by the United Nations Habitat agency (UN-Habitat) with a 2009 Scroll of Honour award.

Sharing island treasures

Without the support of a UBC-based program, the rich visual history of a local island community would remain confined to thousands of aging film negatives.

Grad student tackles cerebral palsy's long-term challenges

Marylyn Horsman, a master’s student in UBC’s Rehabilitation Sciences has had her share of hurdles to overcome.

Law prof stands up for prisoners

UBC Law professor Michael Jackson is looking for justice.