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UBC People

UBC People

Principal pro tem announced for College
for Interdisciplinary Studies

Douw Steyn has been named as Principal pro
of the College for Interdisciplinary Studies, an extension
of his current role as Assoc. Dean with the Faculty of Graduate
Studies interdisciplinary units. The appointment is until Feb.

Steyn is a professor in the Department of Earth and Ocean Sciences
and has served UBC as Director of the Science One Program and
Chair of the Atmospheric Science Program. He is one of Canada’s
best-known air pollution meteorologists, and is internationally
recognized for his work on urban and region air pollution, and
the meteorological and chemical processes leading to degraded
air quality in regions of complex coastline and topography.

His research, which is richly supported by NSERC and CFCAS, involves
both field measurement and numerical modelling of air pollution
and associated meteorological phenomena. He is also well-known
for his wide-ranging studies of the climatology and dynamics of
sea breezes.

After more than two years of consultations, all interdisciplinary
units and interdisciplinary academic programs presently located
in the Faculty of Graduate Studies (FoGS) will be transferred
to the College, leaving FoGS to concentrate its activities on
the support of UBC graduate programs and graduate students.

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Faculty of Medicine award recipients

Dr. Wan Lam, professor in the Department of
Pathology and Laboratory Science and Senior Scientist at the BC
Cancer Agency, is the recipient of the National Cancer Institute
of Canada / Canadian Cancer Society William E. Rawls Prize. The
award honours a young investigator whose work has led to important
advances in cancer control.

Assoc. Prof. of Medical Genetics Dr. Steven Jones has
received an Early Career Scholar Award in the senior category
from the Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies.

Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, Dr. Ian
has been awarded the Royal College Visiting
Professorship in Medical Research by the Royal College of Physicians
and Surgeons of Canada.

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UBC garners three silver CASE awards

In the annual Council for the Advancement and Support of Education
(CASE) awards among North American universities, a selection of
UBC campaigns and publications were recognized for institutional
excellence in marketing and communications.

  • UBC’s alumni publication, Trek Magazine,
    was awarded silver in a competition among peer publications
    from institutions in Washington, Idaho, Montana, Alaska and
    Western Canada. The magazines were judged on appropriateness
    of content, design, and for their effectiveness as assessed
    by alumni and the institution. A 2005 survey of UBC alumni
    indicated that more than 70 per cent of readers considered Trek to be good or excellent. www.alumni.ubc.ca
  • As a compilation of the year’s top UBC stories as told
    through the headlines of the world’s media, the Year
    in Review
    (YIR) publication and campaign received
    a silver award. The supporting campaign included mailings
    to high school counselors, elected officials and American
    and Canadian academics, as well as an on-line version, supporting
    website and advertisements. YIR was also inserted in key publications
    such as the 2005/06 UBC Annual Report.
  • The World Urban Forum campaign was awarded
    silver in the 2007 CASE Awards. Hosted by the Government of
    Canada in partnership with UN-HABITAT and co-organized by
    UBC, the June 2006 event was preceded by a newspaper ad campaign,
    media coverage, an on-site multi-media display, and a WUF
    website promoting public events, workshops and a link to the
    UBC-created eco-footprint calculator.