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The Fourth Annual Multidisciplinary Undergraduate Research Conference

UBC Reports | Vol. 51 | No. 11 | Nov. 3, 2005 Enthusiastic undergraduate minds need a forum where they can share their knowledge of the research process with peers […]

Vol. 51 | No. 11

UBC Education Prof. Lesley Andres – photo by Martin Dee UBC Reports | Vol. 51 | No. 11 | Nov. 3, 2005 A 15-Year Portrait of the Class of 1988 […]

$2 Million Commitment to Create Meekison Student Centre at UBC Okanagan

KELOWNA — UBC Okanagan is creating a student centre in honor of UBC alumnus Dr. J. Peter Meekison, made possible by a $2 million commitment from a donor who wishes […]

UBC Researchers Discover Viruses

UBC Reports | Vol. 51 | No. 11 | Nov. 3, 2005 UBC researchers have discovered five groups of previously unknown viruses living in a wide range of ocean environments. […]

In the News

UBC Reports | Vol. 51 | No. 11 | Nov. 3, 2005 Highlights of UBC Media Coverage in October 2005 Compiled by Randy Schmidt The World is More Peaceful than […]

UBC Given Green Light for South Campus Neighbourhood Plan

The GVRD Board of Directors has determined UBC’s proposed South Campus Neighbourhood Plan is in compliance with the University’s Official Community Plan. The GVRD vote took place on Friday October […]

UBC Experts Examine the Gomery Report

Justice John Gomery is delivering the first report on the government’s $250-million advertising program to the House of Commons tomorrow, November 1, 2005, 10 a.m. EST. Gomery is also preparing […]

Okanagan Fire Response: Study Reveals Untold Story from Health Care Organizers’ Perspectives

Hurricanes across U.S. Gulf Coast states and earthquakes in Asia have put an international spotlight on the plight of victims and rescuers coping with natural disasters. Closer to home, Canadians […]

UBC Blog Project Keeps Close Eye on the Vancouver Municipal Election “Mediascape”

Vancouverites will have unprecedented access to media coverage on the upcoming municipal election thanks to an innovative project at UBC’s School of Journalism. Developed and led by journalism graduate student […]

International Experts Meet at UBC to Offer Solution to Largest Mass Poisoning In History

Event : Arsenic in Groundwater: Bangladesh Experience Symposium Date/Time : Monday, October 24, 2005 2:00 pm – 8:00 pm (speakers available for interview upon request 12:00 noon – 2:00 pm) […]

UBC Researcher Seeks Solution to Largest Mass Poisoning in History

A UBC geological engineer is looking for ways to alleviate daily arsenic poisoning of up to 80 million people in Bangladesh and India. Roger Beckie, an Earth and Ocean Sciences […]

UBC-supported Math Research Facility Receives Record US Science Funding

The Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences, an international mathematics research facility with headquarters at UBC, has received unprecedented funding from U.S., Albertan and Mexican funding agencies totaling nearly $10 […]

UBC Fisheries Expert First Canadian to Receive $415,000 International Award

Daniel Pauly, a UBC professor and one of the world’s leading fisheries conservation researchers, will be the first Canadian to receive the International Cosmos Prize, awarded by the Expo’90 Foundation […]

Comprehensive Study Shows Evidence of Major Declines in Political Violence Worldwide

Comprehensive Three-Year Study Shows Surprising Evidence of Major Declines in Armed Conflicts, Genocides, Human Rights Abuse, Military Coups and International Crises, Worldwide. The Number of Armed Conflicts Has Dropped 40% […]

UBC Launches World Urban Forum Program with Living the Global City Series

UBC is launching the Living the Global City — an eight-month series combining lectures, panel discussions and community events that will explore the rapid urbanization of our globe in preparation […]

UBC Researchers Explain Why Females are Better Off Choosing Unattractive Mates

“Ladies choice” isn’t just a dance routine, it is also a driver of species evolution — and two UBC researchers may have found a reason why. In a research paper […]

Letter to Editor

UBC Reports | Vol. 51 | No. 10 | Oct. 6, 2005 Dear Editor, I very much enjoyed the story “UBC an Innovator in Cross-Discipline Learning” in your September 7 […]

In the News

UBC Reports | Vol. 51 | No. 10 | Oct. 6, 2005 Highlights of UBC Media Coverage in September 2005 Compiled by Ai Lin Choo Did Feeding Human Remains to […]

Happy Fifth Birthday: UBC Learning Exchange

UBC Reports | Vol. 51 | No. 10 | Oct. 6, 2005 When UBC launched the Learning Exchange in 1999, 30 students signed up to do volunteer work in Downtown […]

3-D Gaming Brings Classics to Life

Michael Griffin envisions students creating and sharing 3-D virtual models of ancient Rome or Greece – photo by Martin Dee UBC Reports | Vol. 51 | No. 10 | Oct. […]