Campus Energy Boosts United Way Efforts

UBC Reports | Vol. 49 | No. 11 | Nov.
6, 2003

It’s now the mid-point of the 2003 UBC United Way
campaign, and support is building in the quest to meet this
year’s $500,000 target, according to co-chairs Eilis
Courtney and Deborah Austin.

“Support from the campus community has been tremendous-we’re
already halfway to our goal and the donations continue to
come in,” says Courtney.

“What’s really exciting is that we have a number
of departments who are running first-time campaigns in addition
to continuing efforts in places like Supply Management, the
Faculty of Arts and Brock Hall that are growing again this
year through tremendous boosts of energy.”

And for the second year in a row, volunteers from across
campus have participated in a Days of Caring event to offer
direct and very personal help to a United Way-funded agency.
This year, the UBC team was matched with Camp Alexandra, a
Crescent Beach Community Services operation that caters to
seniors, school-aged children and toddlers. UBC’s volunteers
gave a day of scrubbing, cleaning, painting, plumbing and
doing general fix-it jobs.

“The reactions were outstanding from the staff at
Camp Alexandra — they really appreciated the work we were
able to get done — and the UBC staff walked away with an
unforgettable experience,” Austin says.

For more information about this year’s United Way
campaign and a full report on this year’s Days of Caring
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