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UBC Reports | Vol. 49 | No. 11 | Nov.
6, 2003

University Hill

A Glorious Canadian Example to Endow a Glorious Canadian

University Hill, immediately adjoining the University of
B.C., is the first section of residential property which is
on the market to endow the U.B.C. The tract of 108 acres is
laid out in residential lots. On account of its proximity
to the Varsity, its location is as far west as you can build
on the Mainland of Canada. The wonderful panorama of mountains
and water, which can be seen from any point, since the tract
is "out of the smoke zone, in the ozone" and the
fact that it is zoned and wisely restricted, makes it the
most logical location for the home-seeker, and doubly attractive
to everyone connected with the U.B.C. and those who have the
interests of this institution at heart.

All the public utilities are in on the property — water,
light, telephone, gas, and sewers, streets and sidewalks,
and the boulevards planted with trees and shrubs.

The land can be bought or leased, and the Government loans
money on easy terms for building.

The transportation system at present is by bus and will be
augmented as conditions require. The site is only twenty minutes
from the Post Office by motor.

It is up to the student body to boost this property to their
relatives and friends. The faster this desirable community
of homes builds up, the better it will be for the U.B.C. Do
not forget that these are "University Endowment Lands."

Any information regarding this property will be gladly supplied

Jackson & Mills
The Gables
University Hill
Phone: Point Grey 1452