The top 10 selling faculty-authored books - photo by Sharmini Thiagarajah
The top 10 selling faculty-authored books – photo by Sharmini

UBC Reports | Vol. 49 | No. 7 | Jul.
3, 2003

Special Issue: UBC Summer Reading

UBC has a proud tradition of producing authors and books.
Last year, 167 UBC authors were published, many creating award-winning
works. Since 1971, UBC Press, the publishing arm of the university,
has published about 40 UBC authors a year. It has a backlist
of more than 500 titles. UBC’s creative writing program
started in 1946 with a single course taught by poet Earle
Birney. It has now become the premier destination for creative
writing studies in Canada. Our alumni have gone on to success
as award-winning poets, fiction and non-fiction writers, playwrights
and screenwriters. This issue of UBC Reports is dedicated
to all of UBC’s authors past and present.

UBC is
a Hotbed of Creative Writing

Most students dream of cool jobs and a stable income. Creative
writing students tend to dream about book deals, screenplay
sales, poetry readings and theatrical opening nights. In the
case of the UBC creative writing program, those dreams often
become reality before students even graduate.

What’s Popular at the UBC Bookstore

The top 10 UBC selling authors.

Uncovering the Treasure

From 17th-century Japanese roadmaps to the works of the early
Vancouver bookbinders, the Rare Books and Special Collections
Division of the UBC Library holds invaluable treasures. Many
are still waiting to be revealed.

UBC Alumni

What do Sheryl Crow, Sting and Tobey Maguire have in common?
They all practice yoga and they all appear in Ellen Schwartz’
new book I Love Yoga.

UBC Authors from UBC Press

A compilation of books by UBC authors.

2003 Cecil Green Croquet Invitational

In June of 2003 UBC Public Affairs held its second Annual
Cecil Green Croquet Invitational for the media and members
of the UBC communications community.