Summer activities at UBC Farm include Honey Moon Festival

UBC Farm opened its gates for the season on June 7.

Now in its third summer of operation, the market will be
selling fresh vegetables, berries and flowers every Saturday
from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. until September 13.

The farm’s early summer produce list includes tender salad
greens, edible flowers, artichokes, quail eggs, chicken eggs
and lots of flower transplants. All are sold steps away from
where they were grown or produced by UBC Agricultural Science
students and community volunteers using organic methods.

Farm activities planned for this season include a Honey Moon
Festival on June 21 to celebrate bees and the summer solstice.

By late July, the farm’s U-cut flowers will be in bloom and
ready for picking.

UBC Farm is a Faculty of Agricultural Sciences program that
gives students and volunteers the opportunity to learn organic
farming skills under the guidance of experienced organic farmers,
and community members the option of buying organic farm fresh
produce in a rural setting within the city.

The farm is located on UBC’s Point Grey campus at 6182 South
Campus Rd. (south of 16th Avenue).

For more information on these and other activities, or for
directions and the weekly updated produce list visit
or phone 604.822.5092.