UBC Board approves first tuition fee increases in six years

In the first fee increase since 1996, the UBC Board of Governors
voted today to raise tuition for the average UBC student by less
than 23 per cent, or under $500 per year.

At the same time, the board mandated that 20 per cent of fee increases
go toward student financial assistance. “This vital requirement
recognizes the possible impacts to our students of these necessary
increases, and supports our existing policy that no qualified domestic
student be denied access for financial reasons,” said Brian Sullivan,
Vice-President, Students.

Tuition at B.C. universities was frozen by the provincial government
in 1996, and actually decreased by five per cent last year. During
this period, fee levels at British Columbia universities fell 65
per cent below the Canadian average. At UBC, impacts have ranged
from cancellation of laboratory sections to decreased library acquisitions
and a 13 per cent increase in the number of students per course

Today’s fee increases signal a move in three years to the national
average for undergraduate fees. For a range of other programs, and
with variable phase-in periods of up to three years, fees will increase
to the level of UBC’s peer universities.

Increased tuition revenue, estimated at $18.4 million, will be
used to halt declines in course availability, class size and student
support services, and will allow for enhanced learning and program

The new fees follow intensive consultation with students after
the provincial government announced in February that it was restoring
responsibility for setting tuition levels to university boards.
The government also said at the time that it would hold operating
grant support to universities at 2001-2002 levels for the next three

In B.C., tuition is typically 17 per cent of the cost of attending
university. Other costs include housing, transportation, meals,
etc. Undergraduate tuition at UBC is presently $2,181 annually.
The 22 per cent increase (17% over 2000/01 levels) represents $480
per year. The exceptions are second-year-entry programs (Commerce
at 50 per cent and Pharmacy at 42 per cent).

Graduate students in research programs will see a 23 per cent increase.
Post-baccalaureate (dentistry, medicine, law and education) and
professional graduate programs (e.g. Masters of Engineering, MBA)
will increase variably to levels at UBC’s peer universities. Current
students in post-baccalaureate programs will be assessed a smaller
increase than new entrants.

Detailed information on the tuition fee proposal before the UBC
Board of Governors today is at http://students.ubc.ca/finance/fees/tuitionpolicy.cfm.