Don’t forget farming: dean

I was delighted with the write-up on the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences in
the recent UBC Reports, but not with the unfortunate front-page index

As much as I enjoy the fun of alliteration in headlines, in this case the
effect was to contradict our work, purposes and intentions.

We must remember our roots — which are the land, farming and agriculture.
We need to identify critical agricultural issues, and promote creative and exciting
solutions through our diversified research and educational resources. We want
to co-operate with all of our communities and constituencies, especially the
farming community.

The new direction of the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences must be about the
support of all initiatives that work towards sustainable land, food and community

Moura Quayle, Dean
Faculty of Agricultural Sciences

Student protesters made us proud, says staff member

I think that the university should be proud of its students who drew national
and international attention by demonstrating against APEC.

I spent two hours standing at the front of the demonstration on Main Mall
and was witness to the response by the various police forces to the peaceful
and well organized opposition to APEC. Their response was unneccessary violence
and the cries of “shame” were well placed. Dogs, horses, pepper spray, guns,
snipers — enough force to put down a small uprising and totally inappropriate
to peaceful protest in a democratic country.

As was demonstrated throughout the hosting of APEC, democracy is fragile and
we need to be vigilant. I have to admit some surprise at the lack of presence
by the unions on campus and the faculty association. Solidarity with other workers
and support for academic freedom I would have thought fundamental to a free-thinking
university. Democracy becomes more fragile in the face of complacency and apathy.

I have worked on campus for over 20 years and was a student in the early ’70s.
This kind of action by the students is welcome and should be encouraged and
I personally want to thank them.

Jo Hinchliffe
Women’s Studies Center

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