Board okays business-education committee

UBC’s Board of Governors has approved the establishment of an advisory committee
to develop a comprehensive set of guidelines which will provide a framework
for the university as it enters into business-education partnerships.

“The issues before this committee are generally important ones for universities
today and for UBC in particular,” said Dennis Pavlich, associate vice-president,
Academic and Legal Affairs, who will chair the advisory committee. “The issues
are complex and jumbled. They need to be addressed by the UBC community to ensure
the university continues to preserve its fundamental values while seeking alternative
sources of revenue in today’s ever-changing world.”

Membership on the advisory committee will include faculty, staff, students
and alumni, appointed by the vice-presidents. The terms of reference are:

  • to review the framework and current processes for the establishment of
    business-education partnerships and, where necessary, recommend changes;

  • to review existing ethical guidelines for business-education partnerships
    and recommend changes to better reflect UBC’s interests and values;

  • to review a communication strategy to provide information and collect
    feedback on business-education partnerships across campus.

The Advisory Committee will report its findings back to the Board of Governors
in the coming months. In addition, a public forum on business-education partnerships
at UBC is planned for mid-November and details will be advertised shortly.

The Board of Governors also gave its approval for the university to proceed
with the development of business-education partnership agreements with Canadian
Airlines International Ltd. and the Royal Bank Financial Group and Hongkong
Bank of Canada. The agreements will be presented for Board of Governors approval
in December and January, respectively.

In 1995, the Board of Governors gave UBC a mandate to seek non-traditional
or alternative sources of funding for the university. The board also ratified
ethical guidelines for Business-Education Partnerships as developed by the Conference
Board of Canada.

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