Medical research to bridge Pacific

UBC’s Faculty of Medicine has entered into a joint research program with the
Faculty of Medicine at the University of Hong Kong.

The two faculties will work together as equal partners to develop at least two
major medical research centres which will have a unified leadership, mission
and objectives even though the researchers are an ocean apart.

“This joint research program is another example of the special relationship UBC
has with the nations of the Far East,” said Faculty of Medicine Dean Dr. John
Cairns. “It offers both universities an opportunity for research, cultural and
economic growth. Our level of excitement is high as we embark on this joint

The first centres will focus their research on the neurosciences and
cardiovascular medicine.

Future centres may include areas which are currently being developed through
the UBC faculty’s Medicine 2000 plan, such as molecular biology and genetics,
child development, cancer research and health care evaluation and planning.

Project development teams drawn from both schools will create proposals
outlining how to best collaborate on the centres.

Combining and expanding these efforts will give both Canada and Hong Kong
increased international prominence in medical research.

The transfer of Hong Kong to China next June will allow the medical schools to
jointly expand their efforts more easily to medical research centres in
Shanghai and Beijing.

Development proposals will be used as a basis for fund development to finance
the centres both in Hong Kong and Canada. It is expected that each centre will
seek funding of $25-30 million.