Professor Looks at Getting the Bugs Out

Knapweed, purple loosestrife, European crane-flies, thrips and
winter moths are just a few of the exotic pests Judy Myers and her
graduate students look at controlling through the introduction of
natural enemies. A professor in the departments of Plant Science
and Zoology, Myers says nearly a quarter of B.C.’s plants have been
introduced from other parts of the world, an influx which has had
a detrimental effect on the province’s natural diversity.

  • Contact: Prof. Judy Myers, Plant Science/Zoology Dept.,

Heart Drugs Could Prevent Deaths

A UBC spin-off company is developing drugs that could one day save
the lives of many of the half-million heart attack victims who die
each year in North America. Rhythm Search Development Ltd., a wholly
owned subsidiary of Nortran Pharmaceuticals, was founded four years
ago based on the research of medical professor Michael Walker. The
drugs now under development would, without toxic side-effects, help
prevent ventricular fibrillation, in which the heart stops beating.

  • Contact: Prof. Michael Walker, Pharmacology and Therapeutics
    Dept., 604.822.2239/9531

Nobel Winner Leaves for Year-Long Sabbatical

Nobel-winning professor Michael Smith has closed his lab at UBC’s
Biotechnology Laboratory and will spend a year’s sabbatical at the
University of Washington, where he will resume his research activities
after several years of administrative duties at UBC.

  • Contact: Gavin Wilson, Public Affairs Office, 604.822.2130

Associate Vice-President, Academic, Named

Sidney Mindess has been appointed associate vice-president, Academic,
for a four-year term. A professor in the Dept. of Civil Engineering,
Mindess has served the university in numerous administrative posts
since joining the Faculty of Applied Science in 1969.

  • Contact: Prof. Sidney Mindess, associate vice-president,
    Academic, 604.822.4151