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Article Submissions

UBC Reports is a monthly newspaper bringing its readers news of the University of British Columbia community. Typical subscribers are faculty, staff, and students. The newspaper is also distributed to various Vancouver city hospitals, libraries and media newsrooms across Canada.

Unsolicited manuscripts are welcomed and encouraged, although submission is always on speculation and we cannot guarantee that every submitted article will be published. Please consult the publication deadlines for upcoming deadlines.

Frequently asked questions

How long should my article be?

Most UBC Reports articles are about 300 words.

Will you edit my article?

You bet. We will edit for length, style, grammar, flow etc.

Will I get to see it before you publish it?

Yes, but our production schedule will only allow for fact checking.

Will you pay me for the article?


What sort of articles would be acceptable?

We are always looking for articles on interesting people in our community, their accomplishments, obstacles overcome, and their discoveries.

When should I submit an article?

The publication deadlines appear on the deadlines page but generally we need all submitted articles at least two weeks before the issue's advertising deadline date. Please feel free to e-mail us at scott.macrae@ubc.ca or call 604.822.6719 with your story ideas if you would like to seek prior approval before writing.

Instead of submitting the article, can I submit an outline?

No, please finish the article and submit the article in its entirety.

Instead of submitting an article, can I submit a story idea for your writers?

Yes, story ideas are always appreciated, but understandably we can only react to story ideas that meet our needs.

Is it all right to include charts, graphs, artwork or photos with the article?

Yes, although these elements might not be published, even if the article is.

Can I get extra copies of the issue my article appears in?

Yes. We'll automatically send you extras.

I had an article published in another magazine / a local newspaper / another newsletter. Can I submit it to you?

Yes, but this may raise complicated copyright issues. If you can assure us there will be no copyright violation, we will be happy to consider your article for publication.

Will you accept letters to the editor?

Yes, but space is limited -- letters must be 300 words or less, must be signed and include an address and phone number for verification. See Letters to the Editor & Opinion Pieces / Feedback for more information.

What not to do

Don't write "journal style" with the conclusion at the end of the article.

Use newspaper style, or what journalists call "inverted pyramid" style -- the most important facts are at the beginning, leading to the least important at the end.

Don't use footnotes, endnotes or lists of references.

Such elements are more appropriate for submission to academic journals.

Don't use unusual indentations, tabular settings or other gimmicks to draw attention.

Just write it straight.


Last reviewed 05-May-2008

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