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UBC Reports | Vol. 50 | No. 7 | Jul. 8, 2004

UBC Press Hot List for Cool Reads

By Hilary Thomson (with files from UBC Press)

UBC Press, established in 1971, is one of the largest university presses in Canada and publishes more than 40 new books annually. It is recognized by scholars as one of Canada’s foremost publishers of political science, native studies and forestry books.

UBC Press staff have selected the following books to illustrate the variety of disciplines they publish.

Canadian Democratic Audit Series

The result of a milestone research project of the Centre for Canadian Studies at Mount Allison University, the Canadian Democratic Audit series will comprise a series of nine volumes, each examining a different aspect of Canadian democracy, and a 10th that will provide an overview of the project. Expertly designed to introduce undergraduates to the fundamentals of Canada’s democratic institutions, this series will also be of interest to scholars, policy-makers, journalists, politicians, and the public.

The series includes: Elections by John C. Courtney; Citizens by Elisabeth Gidengil, André Blais, Neil Nevitte, and Richard Nadeau; Political Parties by William Cross; Federalism by Jennifer Smith; Advocacy Groups by Lisa Young and Joanna Everitt; Legislatures by David Docherty; Cabinets and First Ministers by Graham White; Communications Technology by Darin Barney; and The Courts by Ian Greene.

Unnatural Law: Rethinking Canadian Environmental Law and Policy

David R. Boyd
Law and Society series

Unnatural Law is the first book to critically assess the effectiveness of Canadian environmental laws and policies relative to a sustainable future. The evaluation lays the groundwork for modifying existing laws and policies.

Saints, Sinners, and Soldiers: Canada’s Second World War

Jeffrey A. Keshen
Studies in Canadian Military History series

The first-ever synthesis of both the patriotic and the problematic in wartime Canada, Saints, Sinners, and Soldiers shows how moral and social changes - and the fears they generated - precipitated numerous, and often contradictory, legacies in law and society. From labour conflicts to prostitution, Keshen demonstrates that Canada’s Second World War, known as the “Good War,” was actually a complex tapestry of social forces.

Musqueam Reference Grammar

Wayne Suttles
First Nations Language series

Drawing on a half-century of linguistic research, former UBC faculty member Wayne Suttles documents an endangered First Nations language. Suttles, an anthropologist, worked with Musqueam elders to elicit traditional stories, personal narratives, and ethnographic accounts to produce a comprehensive account of this Salish language.

The Oriental Question: Consolidating a White Man’s Province, 1914-41

Patricia E. Roy

The sequel to her 1989 book, A White Man’s Province: British Columbia Politicians and Chinese and Japanese Immigrants, 1858-1914, UBC alumna Patricia E. Roy’s latest book continues her examination of the opposition to Asian immigration. Drawing on contemporary press and government reports, as well as the correspondence and memoirs of individuals, Roy shows how British Columbians consolidated a “white man’s province” by securing a virtual end to Asian immigration and restricting Asian competition in major industries.

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Last reviewed 22-Sep-2006

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