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UBC Reports | Vol. 48 | No. 9 | July 4, 2002

Our Favourite Spots

In this issue about Campus Living we give a nod to the people who have found their special place on one of Canada's largest and most beautiful campuses.

By Brian Lin

UBC Biotechnology researcher Brett Finlay, recently named one of 10 scientists "on the frontiers of medicine who just might change your life" by Canadian Living magazine, keeps fit by jogging through Pacific Spirit Park. His favorite spots include the old Clinton Stables and the water reservoir.

David Tarrant, former host of the CBC hit show Canadian Gardener, is now Public Relations and Program Director at the UBC Botanical Garden. When he needs a quiet moment, he escapes to a 700-year-old Douglas fir in the Garden. "It's a wonderful old tree," says Tarrant. "It wasn't logged because it has a real bend in the stem. It's a place for me to sit and ponder about life."

Sid Katz, Executive Director of Community Affairs and the new Acting Director of the Chan Centre for the Performing Arts, makes a splash during lunch break at the Aquatic Centre three times a week. "When you are coming down with the flu, first you swim, then the steam room, then the noodles in soup with shrimp wonton at the SUB, and voila! You feel 100% better!"

Herbert Rosengarten, Executive Director of the President's Office, has scouted a perfect spot to ponder the meaning of life -- or at least the latest vision for Trek 2000. He's been fascinated by the Chung Collection at the Main Library and finds the rare books in the Special Collection inspiring.

Thunderbird Baseball Coach Terry McKaig, who recently sent pitcher Jeff Francis off to the Major League, shares stories and win/loss records over lunch with other coaches at the University Village Chinese restaurant just outside Gate 1. He also loves the drive to campus every morning. "It gets me excited to be coming to work, and not many people can say that!" says McKaig, who's looking forward to a new baseball stadium on campus. "There is nothing like a baseball stadium to relax, and wind down!" For now, he finds solace at Nat Bailey Stadium, where he trains the T-birds.

AMS President Kristen Harvey can't get enough of Bernoulli's Bagels, situated on the main concourse of the SUB. "I love their Montreal-style bagels, especially pumpkin-seed," raves Harvey, who also hangs out with her friends at the Gallery Lounge, also at the SUB, the grassy knoll by the bus loop and the First Nations Long House.

Psychology Prof. and dog expert Stanley Coren exercises by playing Frisbee with his dogs in the small field behind the Education Bldg. He also raves about the Museum of Anthropology. "There is enough there so that I never get bored or jaded as I wander through the exhibits," says Coren. "Any place that I can show to visiting family and colleagues and not grow to resent over many repetitions is a special place indeed."

Film Prof. and producer of the critically acclaimed film Better Than Chocolate Sharon McGowan finds more than coffee at Candida's, a small café tucked away in the Law Faculty's student lounge. "I really love this place because it has a great view of the mountains, and nobody knows me there," says McGowan. "The place is normally populated with fresh, idealistic law students out to save the world, which can be somewhat heartwarming even for a cynic like myself."


Last reviewed 22-Sep-2006

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