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UBC Reports | Vol. 48 | No. 6 | April 4, 2002


Tuition Opposition

Many faculty, students, and staff in the Department of Educational Studies (EDST) regret the tuition fee increases recently approved by the Board of Governors, and announced by the Administration.

Although graduates of many UBC programs will have well-remunerated careers, our MA and MEd students come to UBC in order to serve in social and human service professions. They know that, in many cases, their life-time earnings may be modest indeed. Yet the Administration's announcement erroneously lumps together "professional degrees," and discourages the pursuit of graduate education. Tuition for our masters programs will increase by 61 per cent next year with an outrageous targeted increase of almost 300 per cent.

We ask that:

  • tuition increases be reviewed on the basis of fairness;
  • "grandparenting" be introduced so students now enrolled in graduate programs are not subject to these huge increases;
  • a substantial portion of funds generated by tuition increases be used for bursaries and scholarships to help students with limited financial resources enter our graduate programs.

- Faculty & staff:

Kogila Adam-Moodley, Roger Boshier, Bill Bruneau, Shauna Butterwick, David Coulter, Don Fisher, Mona Gleason, Deirdre Kelly, Wendy Poole, Dan Pratt, Leslie Roman, Kjell Rubenson, Hans Schuetze, Tom Sork, Nikki Strong Boag, Pierre Walter, Valerie Lee Chapman, Theresa Shanahan, Don Lintott

- Students:

Stephanie Boll, Cindy Bouvet, Mary Brooks, Hart Caplan, Jean Cockell, Heather Commodore, Kathy Coyne, Anita Dodd, John Egan, Eileen Edwards, John Eben Field, Joe Greenhotz, Jerry Hinbest, Dawn House, Yan Huang, Isabeau Iqbal, Sooz Klinkhamer, Ioulia Kolpaliova, Lisa Kihl, Jo Kuyvenhoven, Jacki Ling He, Regina Lyakhovetska, Victoria Marie, Lisa Moy, Sue Murphy, Janice Murphy, Steve Noble, Dahlu Palmer, Shauna Pomerantz, Dawn Papatia, Katarina Pisutova, Deborah Prieur, Ellen Retelle, Lu Ripley, Kozve Saito, Michael Scales, Bonnie Soroke, Linly Shelton, Debra Sutherland, Linley Shelton, Tooryalai Wesa, Anne Zavalkoff, Linde Zingaro


Last reviewed 22-Sep-2006

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