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UBC Reports | Vol. 47 | No. 16 | Oct. 18, 2001


A listing of UBC-related or UBC-sponsored events occurring on campus and off campus within the Lower Mainland from October 21 through November 3, 2001. The previous calendar is also available.

For events further in the future, see Live@UBC.

UBC Reports welcomes calendar submissions from members of the UBC community.

sunday, oct. 21

UBC Legacy Games

Day Of The Longboat. Jericho Sailing Centre from 8am-4pm. Entry fee $10-$215. To register, call 604-822-1688.

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monday, oct. 22

Peter Wall Distinguished Scholar Symposium

Irish Writers Symposium. Various speakers. University Centre 307, Green College, Thea Koerner House from 10am to 5pm. Continues to Oct. 27. Visit www.pwias.ubc.ca under events. Call 604-822-0203.

India and South Asia Research Seminar

South Asian Studies And Diaspora Studies In St. Petersburg (Russia). Igor Kotin, U of St. Petersburg. CK Choi Conference Room from 1-2:30pm. Call 604-822-6463.

Biotechnology Lab Gairdner Foundation Lectureship

How Do G Protein-Coupled Receptors Rule The Mind? Bertil Hille, Physiology and Biophysics, U of Washington. BioSciences 2000 from 12noon-1pm. Refreshments. Call 604-822-6968.

Institute Of Applied Mathematics Seminar

Mathematical Modelling Of Thermal Damage In Human Tissues. Prof. Susan Baldwin, Chemical and Biological Engineering, Klinck 301 from 3-4pm. Call 604-822-4584.

St. John's College Speaker Series

Origins Of The 1951 Convention Of Refugees. Prof. Claudena Skran, Lawrence U. St. John's College 1080 from 5-6:30pm. Call 604-822-8781.

Thematic Lecture

Apology And Forgiveness As Bargaining Commodities. Richard Birke, College of Law, Willamette U. Green College at 5pm. Call 604-822-1878.

Member Speaker Series

Life At The Top: How And Why Songbirds Breed Over Wide Elevation Gradients. Heather Bears, Zoology. Green College at 7:45pm. Call 604-822-1878.

St. John's College Speaker Series

Prospects Of The Canada-China Economic Relations. Song Youming, Chinese Consul General. St. John's College Fairmont Social Lounge from 8-9:30pm. Call 604-822-8781.

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tuesday, oct. 23


Co-ordinate Regulation Of Gene Exchange And Motility In Rhodobacter Capsulatus. Andrew Lang, Beatty Lab. Wesbrook 100 from 12:30-1:30pm. Call 604-822-3308.


The Politics Of Islamic Fundamentalism And Human Rights. Prof. M. Maznah, Institute of Asian Research. CK Choi Conference 120 from 12:30-2pm. Call 604-822-4688.

Lectures In Modern Chemistry

Conformational Order In Oligomers And The Quest For The Folded Macromolecules. Prof. Jeffrey S. Moore, U of Illinois. Chemistry B-250 from 12:45-1:45pm. Refreshments at 12:30pm. Call 604-822-3341.


Valuing The Earth: Environmental Ethics And The Religious Nature Of Science. Prof. Loren Wilkinson, Interdisciplinary Studies, Regent College. Buchanan B Penthouse from 4-5:15pm. Refreshments. Call 604-822-3219.

Green College Speaker Series

What Is At Stake In Comparative Analysis Of Asian Canadian And Asian American Literary Studies? Guy Beauregard, U of California. Green College at 5pm. Reception, Coach House from 6-6:30pm. Call 604-822-1878.

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wednesday, oct. 24

Orthopedic Grand Rounds

Recon Division Orthopedic Manifestations Of Hemophilia. Dr. Marvin Gilbert, Mount Sinai Hospital. VGH, Eye Care Centre Aud. from 7-8am. Call 604-875-4192.

Dumpster Painting Contest

Dumpsters In Colour. SUB lower plaza from 10am-2pm. Call 604-822-9456.

Festival Of Fall Colours

Drop And Swap. SUB lower plaza from 10am-2pm. Bring and trade used items. Call 604-822-9456.

Physics Colloquium

Climate: Prediction And Variability. William Hsieh, Earth and Ocean Sciences. Hennings 318 at 12noon. Refreshments. Call 604-822-3116.

Wednesday Noon Hours

Bellini, Schubert, Tchaikovsky And Debussy. Dale Thrones, voice; Suzanne Klukas, piano. Music Recital Hall at 12noon. $4. Call 604-822-5574.

Cecil And Ida Green Visiting Professorships

Was The Polis A State Or A Stateless Society? Prof. Mogens Herman Hansen, Copenhagen Polis Centre. Buchanan D-239 at 1pm. Call 604-822-5675.

Obstetrics And Gynecology Seminar

Movies: Cell Biology And Ovulation. Dr. Nelly Auersperg. BC Women's Hosp. 2N35 from 2-3pm. Call 604-875-3108.

Chemical And Biological Engineering Seminar

A Computer Model Of Endometiral Thermal Ablation For Treatment Of Menorrhagia. Daniel Reinders. ChemEng 206 at 3:30pm. Call 604-822-3238.

Law And Society

The (Inexorable?) Growth Of Large Law Firms. Marc Galanter, U of Wisconsin-Madison. Green College at 5pm. Call 604-822-1878.

Cecil And Ida Green Visiting Professorships

Fireside Chat: The City-State In World History. Prof. Mogens Herman Hansen, Copenhagen Polis Centre. Green College at 7:30pm. Call 604-822-5675.

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thursday, oct. 25


Mass Spectrometer Manufacturers. SUB 214/216 from 8:20am-4pm. Call 604-822-3235.

Earth And Ocean Sciences Colloquium

DHI/AVO Analysis Best Practices: A Worldwide Analysis 2001-2002. Kurt Rudolph, Exxon Mobil. GeoSciences 330-A from 12noon-1pm. Call 604-822-5406.

Conservation Biology Seminar

Colonizing Carnivores, Naive Prey, And Pleistocene Megafaunal Extinctions: What's The Relevance To Contemporary Conservation? Joel Berger, Wildlife Conservation Society. ForSciences 1221 from 2-3pm. Call 604-822-9695.

ICICS Distinguished Lecture Series

Basic Concepts In Object-Oriented Programming. Kristen Nygaard, U of Oslo. CICSR/CS 208 from 4-5:30pm. Call 604-822-6894.

Physics Colloquium

Karl Erdman, Ebco. Hennings 201 at 4pm. Call 604-822-3853.


The Myanmar Way: Burman Cultural Values, Authoritarian Rule And The Tensions Of Globalization. Bruce Matthews, Comparative Religion, Acadia U. CK Choi 129 from 4:30-6pm. Call 604-822-4688.

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friday, oct. 26

Grand Rounds

BC Hepatitis Prevention And Care Program. Mel Krajden, virologist, BC Centre for Disease Control. Mather 253 from 9-10am. Call 604-822-2772.

Fisheries Seminar

Study Of Phytoplankton Ecology In Ambon Bay. Tonny Wagey, Oceanography. Hut B-8, Ralf Yorque Room from 11am-1pm. Call 604-822-2731.

Pharmaceutical Sciences Seminar

Getting The Message: Sensory Axon Regeneration In The Spinal Cord. Asst. Prof. Matt Ramer. IRC #3 from 12noon-1pm. Call 604-822-2052.


Japan's Optical Industry During The 1920s, 1930s, And The Post-WWII Era. Jeff Alexander, History. CK Choi 120 from 12:30-1:30pm. Call 604-822-4688.

Occupational and Environmental Hygiene Seminar

Teacher Health And Safety. Lynne Sinclair, British Columbia Teachers' Federation. BioSciences 2321 from 12:30-1:30pm. Call 604-822-9861.

Geography Colloquium

Hospice And The Spatial Paradoxes Of Terminal Care. Michael Brown, U of Washington. Geography 212 from 3-4pm. Refreshments. Call 604-822-2663.

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saturday, oct. 27

Cecil And Ida Green Lecture

Direct Democracy: Ancient And Modern. Prof. Mogens Herman Hansen, director, Copenhagen Polis Centre. IRC #2 at 8:15pm. Call 604-822-4636.

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sunday, oct. 28

Pacific Spirit Concert

Liszt In Italy. Andrea Padova, piano. Music Recital Hall at 3pm. $20 adults; $10 seniors/students. Call 604-822-5574.


Music At The Chan. Kronos Quartet. Chan Centre at 8pm. $25-$45 adults; $18-$38 seniors/students. Call Ticketmaster at 604-280-3311 or 604-822-2697.

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monday, oct. 29


Prokofiev's Wartime Sonatas Nos. 6 And 8 To Support The Relief Efforts In New York. Robert Silverman, Alexander Korsantia, piano. Music Recital Hall at 12noon. By donation. Call 604-822-5574.

IAM-PIMS Distinguished Colloquium Series

Spectral Methods For Discontinuous Problems. Prof. David Gottlieb, Brown U. Klinck 301 from 3-4pm. Call 604-822-4584.

Thematic Lecture

Beyond ADR: A Systems Approach To Conflict Management. Jennifer Lynch, president, PDG Personnel Direction Group Inc. Green College at 5pm. Call 604-822-1878.

Member Speaker Series

Creative Aging Through The Arts: The Aesthetics Of Later Life. Pamela Brett-MacLean. Green College at 7:45pm. Call 604-822-1878.

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tuesday, oct. 30


Ras Signals The Way To Multicellularity. RasC Mediates Dictyostelium Aggregative Development Through Activation Of Adenylyl Cyclase And PKB. James Lim, Weeks Lab. Wesbrook 100 from 12:30-1:30pm. Call 604-822-3308.

Lectures in Modern Chemistry

Controlling Molecular Motion: Let The Molecule Do The Thinking. Prof. Herschel Rabitz, Princeton U. Chemistry B-250 from 12:45-1:45pm. Refreshments available at 12:30pm. Call 604-822-3341.

Green College Speaker Series

Red Serge, Grey Suits, Blue Skies And A Black Cloud: Some Thoughts On The Hughes Report. Philip Stenning. Criminology, U of Toronto. Green College at 5pm. Reception, Coach House from 6-6:30pm. Call 604-822-1878.

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wednesday, oct. 31

Orthopaedic Grand Rounds

Rheumatology. TBA. VGH, Eye Care Centre Aud. From 7-8am. Call 604-875-4192.

Wednesday Noon Hours

Brahms: Sextet In G Major, Op 36. Borealis String Quartet; David Harding, viola; Eric Wilson, cello. Music Recital Hall at 12noon. $4. Call 604-822-5574.

Lecture Series

Shauna Butterwick, Educational Studies, Research in Women's Studies and Gender Relations. Centre for Research in Women's Studies and Gender Relations at 12noon. Call 604-822-9171.

Obstetrics And Gynecology Seminar

The Effect Of Molecular Cytogenetics On Advances In Reproductive Medicine. Dr. Dagmar Kalousek, Pathology. BC Women's Hospital 2N35 from 2-3pm. Call 604-875-3108.

Physics Colloquium

Halloween On Mars. Jaymie Matthews, Physics and Astronomy. Hennings 318 at 12noon. Refreshments. Call 604-822-3116.

UBC Young Alumni Network

Murder Mystery. Cecil Green Park House from 7:30-10:30pm. $20. Refreshments. To register, visit www.alumni.ubc.ca. E-mail aluminfo@alumni.ubc.ca. Call 604-822-3313.

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thursday, nov. 1

Earth And Ocean Sciences Colloquia

Oxidation-Reduction In The Earth: What Old Cars And The Lower Mantle Have In Common. Catherine McCammon, Bayerisches Geoinstitut U. GeoSciences 330-A from 12noon-1pm. Call 604-822-5406.

E.S. Woodward Lecture Series

The Impact Of The Internet On The Economy. Prof. Richard Freeman, Economics, Harvard U. Lasserre 104 from 12:30-1:30pm. Call 604-822-4129.

Conservation Biology Seminar

Amphibian Declines Due To Disease: Implications Of Physiological Ecology For Conservation Biology. Cindy Carey, U of Colorado. ForSciences 1221 from 2-3pm. Call 604-822-9695.

Physics Colloquium

Carson Chow, Mathematics, U of Pittsburgh. Hennings 201 at 4pm. Call 604-822-3853.

Computer Science Invited Speaker Seminar

Computing With Life. Tom Knight, MIT Artificial Intelligence Lab. CICSR/CS 208 from 4-5:30pm. Refreshments. Call 604-822-0557.

Policy Issues In Post-Secondary Education

Choice In The BC Post-Secondary Education System. Jim Wright, director, Private Post-Secondary Education Commission; Nick Rubidge, president, College of the Rockies. Green College at 4:30pm. Call 604-822-1878.

Occupational And Physical Therapy Info Night

School Of Rehabilitation Sciences. IRC # 5/6 from 5-7pm. Call 604-822-7392.

School of Nursing Marion Woodward Lecture

Cancer And The Family: Lessons Learned From Children And Adolescents. Dr. Frances M. Lewis, U of Washington. IRC #2 from 7-8pm. Refreshments, reception. Call 604-822-7453.

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friday, nov. 2

Peter Wall Institute Exploratory Workshop

Reparations For Historical Injustices. Various speakers. University Centre 307 from 9am-5pm. Continues Nov. 3. Call 604-822-4837.

Grand Rounds

Consumer Reporting For Adverse Reactions For Drugs And Medical Devices. Colleen Fuller. Mather 253 from 9-10am. Call 604-822-2772.

Chalmers Institute

Introduction To Centering Prayer. Rev. Christopher Page, St. Philip's Church. VST 105 from 9:30am-4pm. $100; $90 group; $50 seniors. Refreshments, lunch. To register, visit www.vst.edu. Call 604-822-9815.

Fisheries Seminar

The Regulation Of Population Abundance In Lacustine Rainbow Trout. Eric Parkinson, BC Ministry of Fisheries. Hut B-8, Ralf Yorque Room from 11am-1pm. Call 604-822-2731.

Pharmaceutical Sciences Seminar

Genome-Wide Expression Analysis In S. Cerevisiae During Wine Ferment. Prof. Hennie Van Vurren, Food Biotechnology. IRC #3 from 12noon-1pm. Call 604-822-2052.

Occupational And Environmental Hygiene Seminar

Effects Of Globalization On Worker Health And Safety. Garrett Brown, American Industrial Hygiene Association Sweatshop Task Force. Scarfe 100 from 12:30-1:30pm. Call 604-822-9861.

Geography Colloquium

Working At The Borders Of Imperialism: Filipina Domestic Workers And Hierarchies Citizenship. Geraldine Pratt. Geography 212 from 3-4pm. Refreshments. Call 604-822-2663.

Mathematics Colloquium

ERDOS Magic. Prof. Joel Spencer, New York U. Math 100 at 3pm. Refreshments Math Annex 1115. Call 604-822-2666.

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saturday, nov. 3

Vancouver Institute Lecture

The Virtues Of Violence: Gladiators, The Arena, And The Roman System Of Values. Prof. Kathleen Coleman, Harvard U. IRC #2 at 8:15pm. Call 604-822-4636.

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STAR Breast Cancer Prevention Study

Volunteers are needed to participate in a breast cancer prevention trial being conducted at UBC Hospital. Two drugs, raloxifene (Evista) and tamoxifen, are being studied to see at which works better at preventing breast cancer. Women must be POSTMENOPAUSAL and have an increased risk for developing breast cancer. Interested women should call 604-822-7997 and ask for Lynn or Janet.

UBC Zen Society

Zazen (sitting meditation) each Tuesday at the Asian Centre Tea Gallery from 1-1:50pm while classes are in session. Call 604-822-2573.

UBC Research

Boys between seven and nine (with or without ADHD) and their mothers are needed for a study. Mothers receive $20 and children get a UBC t-shirt. If interested, please call 604-822-9037.

Sexuality Study

Researchers at the Dept. of Psychology and Division of Sexual Medicine are conducting a study examining sexual functioning in women receiving estrogen replacement therapy. Both sexually healthy women, as well as women who have recently experienced a change in their orgasmic functioning are welcome. For further information, please contact 604-822-2952. Your confidentiality will be assured. All participants will receive an honorarium for their participation.

Morris And Helen Belkin Art Gallery

Conceptions: The Conceptual Document 1968-1972. From Sierra Maestra To La Habana: The Drawings Of Chago. Continues to Dec. 2. Tuesday to Friday from 10am-5pm, Saturday 12noon-5pm, Sunday 12noon-5pm. (Closed Mondays; holidays). Call 604-822-2759.

Participants Wanted

Would you like to share your story about your experience with health care professionals? We are conducting a study of patient perceptions about helpful and unhelpful communications in fibromyalgia. In order to learn more about what makes communication effective, we are asking individuals who have had fibromyalgia for at least five years to participate in our study. Participation will involve one or two interviews in a location convenient to you, and possibly a focus group interview at a later time. The interviews usually take about an hour. All information will be kept confidential. If you would like more information about the study, please e-mail andrea_con@hotmail.com or call Andrea Con, project coordinator 604-822-8070.

Participants Needed

Parents and adolescents are invited to participate together in research that addresses how parents and adolescents talk about the youth's future. If your family faces challenges such as unemployment or illness, call to participate 604-822-4919.

Research Project Volunteers Needed

Stress And Coping In Female Clerical Workers. Educational and Counseling Psychology, and Special Education is seeking female clerical workers to participate in study on stress and coping. If experiencing workplace distress/frustration, we would like to learn more about your experiences. Call 604-822-9199.

Legal Clinic Open

UBC Law Students' Legal Advice Program (LSLAP) runs clinics all over the Lower Mainland. LSLAP has been working in the community for over thirty years and is currently British Columbia's second largest legal aid organization. For more information about the program, visit www.lslap.bc.ca or call 604-822-5723.

Lactose Intolerant?

Researchers at UBC are doing a questionnaire-based study to learn more about lactose intolerance. Participation will take about 20-30 min. of your time. If you are 19 years of age or older, experience lactose intolerance and live in the Greater Vancouver area, please call 604-682-3269 ext. 6377 to receive a copy of this questionnaire or more information.

Volunteer Leaders Wanted

"Living A Healthy Life with Chronic Conditions" a series of six free workshops that help people develop the skills to get the most out of life is looking for volunteer leaders. This program is an exciting new development in teaching people with chronic conditions to help themselves. If you are interested in being part of this program, you can sign up for a free Leader Training Workshop August 9, 10, 16 and 17 by contacting Mark Davies 604-822-0634. To view our Web site www.ihpr.ubc.ca/healthyliving.

Volunteer Paid Participants Needed

CroMedica Prime is a Phase One research company located in Vancouver General Hospital. Our research studies require that volunteers take one or more doses of an investigational medication. We are currently looking for healthy volunteers, male/female, non-smoking aged 18 and older and not taking any medications. Volunteers are financially compensated upon completion of a study. If you are interested please call our Research Recruitment Coordinator, Monday to Friday between 9am-5pm at 604-875-5122 or e-mail volunteers@cromedica.com.

Research Study

Researchers at the Psychology Dept. are conducting a study examining sexual functioning in women. The aim of this study is to help women who experience sexual difficulties. Your confidentiality will be assured. All participants will receive a detailed sexual psychophysiological profile for their participation. If you are a healthy, heterosexual, premenopausal woman who is currently in a relationship, please call 604-822-2952.

Sage Bistro

Sage at the University Centre presents "evening dining and afternoon cocktails on the campus." Year-round evening dining is available at the University Centre Tuesday to Friday from 3:30-9pm. We invite you, your guests and the university community at large to celebrate with us our second step down the path, our commitment to quality in product and service, the unwavering goal. Call 604-822-1500.

Habitat For Humanity UBC

Is looking for volunteers. Come help out on the construction site and build homes for low-income families - no skills required. For more information and to register for an orientation, e-mail habitat@vancouver.net or call 604-681-5618.

Parents With Toddlers

Did you know your child is a word-learning expert? We are looking for children (one to five years old) and their parent(s) to participate in language studies in the Psychology Dept. at UBC. You and your child, and a trained researcher will play a word game using puppets and toys or pictures. As you might imagine, children find these word games a lot of fun. During your visit, you will remain with your child at all times. If you (or someone you know) might be interested in bringing your child for a 30-minute visit to our research playroom, please contact Dr. Hall's Language Development Centre at 604-822-9294.

Participants Wanted

Are you a postmenopausal woman with Type Two diabetes interested in beginning an exercise program? St. Paul's Hospital Healthy Heart Program and Diabetes Centre are recruiting participants, who do not smoke or use insulin, for a research project on the effect of exercise on diabetes for women. Call Darcye Cuff 604-806-8601

Parkinson's Research

A research team from UBC is asking for the assistance of people with Parkinson's to participate in research. This research is aimed at understanding how Parkinson's may affect complex activities such as managing multiple tasks. Participation involves performing fairly simple tasks, some of which, involves responding verbally to computer screen displays. If you are a healthy person of the age 50 years or older, we are also in need of several people to participate as part of a non-Parkinson's comparison group. Call Todd Woodward, Psychology Dept. at 604-822-3227.

Sexual Assault Research

The Anxiety and Fear Laboratory in the Dept. of Psychology requires female volunteers who have experienced unwanted sexual activity, to participate in a research project. If you have ever had sex with someone when you didn't want to, because the other person continued the event when you said no, forced or threatened to force you, or because you were given alcohol or drugs, and you would be interested in helping us with our research, please call 604-822-9028. Confidentiality and privacy protected.

Museum Of Anthropology Exhibition

Dempsey Bob: The Art Goes Back To The Stories. MOA at 11am. Continues to Dec. 31 2002. Continuing Traditions. Continues to April 30, 2002. Early Chinese Ceramics From The Victor Shaw Gift. Continues to Oct. 30. Anthropology 432 Student Projects: What is Missing? Continues to Dec. 31. Winter hours Wed.-Sun. 11am-5pm, Tues. to 9pm (5-9pm free). Call 604-822-5087.

AMS Rentsline

Helping students find housing since 1993, the AMS Rentsline is UBC's off-campus housing registry. This service gives students access to hundreds of rental listings, and landlords access to thousands of students looking for housing. You can call the Rentsline from any touchtone phone 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Call 604-714-4848.

Faculty Women's Club

The Faculty Women's Club brings together women connected to the university either through their work or that of their spouses, for social activities and lectures. The main purpose of the Faculty Women's Club is to raise funds for student scholarships. There are 19 different interest groups within the club, ranging from art appreciation and bridge to hiking. Do come and join us. Call Elizabeth Towers, president 224-5877 or Gwyneth Westwick, membership 604-263-6612.

Twin Research

Are you, or do you know a female adult twin? We are studying the relationship types of fraternal and identical female twins. If you can help by completing some questionnaires and being interviewed about relationships, please e-mail: tmacbeth@cortex.psych.ubc.ca or call Tannis MacBeth, Psychology 604-822-4826.

Parents With Babies

Have you ever wondered how babies learn to talk? Help us find out. We are looking for parents with babies between four to 21 months of age, including babies raised in a bilingual home, to participate in language development studies. If you are interested in bringing your baby for a one-hour visit, please call Prof. Janet Werker's Infant Studies Centre, Psychology, 604-822-6408 (ask for Kate).

Statistical Consulting And Research Lab (SCARL)

SCARL offers statistical advice and long or short-term assistance to researchers. Resources include expertise in many areas of statistical methodology and a variety of statistical software. Web www.stat.ubc.ca/scarl, e-mail scarl@stat.ubc.ca or call 604-822-4037.

Chan Centre Tours

Free tours of the Chan Centre for the Performing Arts are held on Thursdays at 11:30am. Participants are asked to meet in the Chan Centre main lobby. Special group tours can be booked through www.chancentre.com or at 604-822-1815.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) Research

Infectious Diseases researchers from VGH seek volunteers diagnosed medically with CFS to participate in a study about managing symptoms. Call Kenna Sleigh 604-875-5555 ext. 62366.

Sustainability Coordinators

The World Is what You Make It! The UBC Sustainability Office is seeking outgoing volunteers to act as departmental Sustainability Coordinators. In this role, the volunteer will get training and support in their efforts to raise awareness of sustainability within their unit. With only a limited time commitment, our Coordinators are affecting changes by sharing work environment specific information on energy conservation, waste reduction, and transportation alternatives. For more information visit www.sustain.ubc.ca/2ourintiatives/sust_coord.html or call Brenda 604-822-3270.

Fire Hydrant Permits Now Required

Campus Planning and Development (cp&d) and UBC Utilities have jointly implemented a permit program for fire hydrants which is effective November 2000. Permits have become necessary to comply with provisions of the BC Plumbing Code and the BC Fire Code. Permit applications must be submitted a minimum of 24 hours in advance. Application forms will soon be available at www.lbs.ubc.ca. Users wanting to connect to a fire hydrant should pick up application forms at CP&D Regulatory Services located at 2206 West Mall. Call CP&D at 822-2633 or for further information, UBC Utilities at 604-822-4179.

Call For Evening Volunteers

Crane Production Unit (a division of the UBC Disability Resource Centre) needs volunteers to narrate textbooks onto tape. We are looking primarily for those who can read between 4:30-8:30pm for a two-hour session once a week. An audition will be required. For more information, call Patrice Leslie Mon.-Thurs. From 4:40-8:30pm at 604-822-6114.


The British Columbia Service For Medication Information Learning And Education (BC SMILE) is a medication information program for the public in BC. It is located at the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences at UBC, and is staffed by licensed pharmacists to educate the public of all ages about the safe and effective use of medications. The free telephone consultations include complicated inquiries on medication issues such as interactions, contraindications, allergies, medication reviews, herbs, and alternative therapies. SMILE pharmacists also provide public presentations on a variety of medication-related topics. All presentations contain valuable practical, unbiased, and up-to-date research information. Call (800) 668-6233 or 604-822-1330.

Participants Needed

Problems with remembering, smelling...Men and women 45-plus years old are required for a UBC study on age-related hormone changes and their impact on sensory and cognitive abilities. Earn $50. Call Kevin 604-822-2140.


Last reviewed 22-Sep-2006

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