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UBC Reports | Vol. 47 | No. 08 | Apr. 19, 2001

Site zooms in to meet students' data needs

Latest update allows students to search for courses by keyword

A major redesign of the UBC Student Services' Web site is designed to enhance the site's usefulness for students looking to register for classes, check schedules and link to on-line resources.

"We've redesigned the graphics, look and feel of it," says Angela Runnals, director of Communications Services for Student Services, who helped guide the redesign.

Since the site debuted in June 1998, it has undergone numerous changes and updates, but those responsible are especially pleased with the latest changes since they have been made only after extensive consultations with students.

"Students have told us through surveys and focus groups that they want only information that is relevant to them," says Runnals, who says they may have overwhelmed students in the past with the volume of print information provided.

"We've provided quick links to the highest use services and information for students such as the academic calendar and registration information," says Runnals.

"Students can search for courses by specifying keywords," adds Audrey Lindsay, director of Student Systems. "It is something that they could not do before."

Lindsay explains that the new course search feature -- unveiled this month -- allows students to search on-line for all courses that deal with a specific subject matter, for example, "linear algebra."

They can find specific instructors and class times and then register for the class online. Faculty can also tap into this feature. Users can be assured that the information is the most current and up-to-date available.

Students' use of Web registration has steadily risen in the past few years, Lindsay says.

From June to December, 86 per cent of UBC students used the Web to register for classes compared to 60 per cent in 1999-2000. This January, 93 per cent of course changes were completed via the Internet.

Lindsay says that UBC will eliminate Telereg, the university's telephone registration system, June 1. Telephone support service will still be available for those who cannot use the Internet.

Runnals says the university has been able to eliminate much of the materials that they formerly had to mail to students in the past by making services and resources available on-line.

"We now send students a very brief registration guide -- it's 24 pages compared to 240 -- and direct them to the Web site for more details," she says.

The site can be found at www.students.ubc.ca.


Last reviewed 22-Sep-2006

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