Graduates build community

Tomorrow's leaders take charge of their future in disciplines ranging from law to animal welfare

A dance for social justice

Tascha is quick to answer.
"I'm three-years-eight-months old."
So what about his mother's new Law degree?
"I guess she's my mother and a lawyer now. We still dance."

Graduate prescribes flexibility

Her hometown of Trail, B.C. was just the first of many communities that make up Elaine Chong's world.

Educator's vision gives hometown global voice

He is the first of his family's nine children to be educated outside Mexico and Mario Lopez's goal is that others from his country will seize global opportunities. He is establishing a Spanish/English school in his hometown Oaxaca for lower income people.

Onus on society, says biotech grad

"The beauty and magic we see every day such as flowers blooming and other wonders are recapitulated at the sub-microscopic level," says Kim MacDonald, who has earned a Master of Science degree.

Engineer sets mentorship gears in motion for others

Civil engineering co-op student Rozlyn Bubela's fascination with building things began at the tender age of eight when she and her older sister helped their father build their family cabin on Quesnel Lake.

Hands-on teaching informs career choice

As the end of the school year drew near, 21-year-old Scott Mac-Lachlan was busy preparing for exams but with a twist. Not only was the Computer Science and Mathematics student studying for exams; he was also drafting one.

A mission in medicine

Inspiration and perspective are two words Winnie Su uses a lot. And listening to the medical graduate describe her world, it's easy to understand why.

Training has teeth at home and abroad

Providing dental care to under-served communities is not an unusual dentistry assignment--except when it means treating inmates in African prisons.

`Forests forever' pledges scholar

Slogging through rough, wooded terrain with a backpack under a hot sun gathering plant samples may not be everybody's idea of a delightful afternoon. For Forestry graduate Myriam Bloemhard though, it's something she enjoys and would like to share with everyone.

Lawyer turned scribe learns all the write stuff

Ian Clayton is ready to report on the 21st century and share stories which will influence your life.

Animal welfare unbridles career plans

Kymberly McLeod is a third-generation UBC graduate with a unique degree and future career.

Campus experience began with daycare

Jesse Sims, this year's co-recipient of the Alumni Association's Outstanding Student Award, began his formal education at UBC as a toddler.

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