Flexible learning key to nursing program

Multiple entry program is one of only two nationwide

This fall the School of Nursing will admit a second wave of students into the new Multiple Entry Option (MEO) program.

The program responds to requests for nursing education that is more expedient and recognizes students' experience and skills.

Previously, nursing undergraduates were admitted into the generic baccalaureate student nurse program--a traditional four-year degree. Students took nursing courses, science support courses, general electives and participated in clinical practice in each of the four years of study.

The MEO program is tailored to admit a student into year one or three depending on his or her academic background and experience.

The first option is designed for students applying from high school. Admitted into year one, these students follow a four-year nursing degree program.

A second option accommodates students with previous post-secondary education in other disciplines, particularly those who are shifting careers. They apply for admission into year three.

Option three allows registered nurses who already have a nursing diploma broaden their knowledge and advance their careers through university study. These students are also admitted into third year.

The MEO program is designed so nursing students in third and fourth year take courses that are entirely nursing focused.

It allows the School of Nursing to accommodate extended clinical practice--a key learning experience that many students and employers have been demanding.