Setting record straight


The story in the Nov. 25, 1999 UBC Reports will bring greater awareness of Huntington Disease and genetic testing. I would, however, like to clarify my current research. As a post-doctoral fellow with the Centre for Applied Ethics, I work with Dr. Michael Burgess (Chair in Biomedical Ethics) and other colleagues in the Ethics and Genetics Research Group.

My doctoral research in Sociology was part of a larger study headed up by medical anthropologist William McKellin and conducted in collaboration with world-renowned researcher, Medical Genetics Prof. Michael Hayden and members of the Huntington Disease Predictive Testing Research Group.

Prof. Brian Elliott (Head, Dept. of Anthropology and Sociology) was my senior supervisor.

I am grateful to all for their support and collaboration.

Sue Cox
Centre for Applied Ethics

Cramming not learning


I picked up the latest issue of UBC Reports (Dec. 9, 1999) and had to shake my head at the caption for the front page picture "Cram That Exam."

While it may be cute, I do not believe that a university publication should be fighting against the faculty's efforts to break students of their cramming. This institution is about learning and "crammin' ain't learnin.'"

Mark MacLean
Mathematics Dept.

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