A listing of UBC-related or UBC-sponsored events occurring on campus and off campus within the Lower Mainland from January 16 through January 29, 2000. The previous calendar is also available.

For events further in the future, see Live@UBC.

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January 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28

monday, jan. 17

Member Speaker Series

Vaclav Havel And The Czech Republic: 10 Years After The Velvet Revolution. Marek Jacina, Law. Green College at 5:30pm. Call 822-1878.

Green College Special Lecture

What Is Conversation, And Why Did Fur Traders Care! Laura Murray, English. Green College at 7:30pm. Call 822-1878.

tuesday, jan. 18

Computer Science Invited Speaker Seminar

Beyond Realism: Aesthetics In Image Synthesis. David Salesin, Microsoft. CICSR/CS 208 from 11:30am-1pm. Refreshments. Call 822-0557.

Centre For Chinese Research Seminar

Family Values Change In the Pearl River Delta. P.K. Ip, Institute of Asian Research. CK Choi 129 from 12:30-2pm. Call 822-2629.

Sing Tao School of Journalism Brown Bag Lunch

Where To Get Story Ideas Your Boss Will Love. Michael Cooke, editor-in-chief, The Province. Sing Tao 104 from 12:30-2pm. or call 822-6688.

Modern Chemistry Seminar

Conjugated Polymers As Sensors, Wires And Antennas. Prof. Timothy M. Swager, Chemistry, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Chemistry B-250 at 1pm. Refreshments at 12:40pm. Call 822-3057.

Green College Speaker Series

An Introductory Talk From Our Writer-In-Residence. Lynn Coady, writer. Green College at 5pm. Reception, Coach House from 6-6:30pm. Call 822-1878.

Museum Of Anthropology Public Program

Sacred Art Of The Mandalas. Tibetan Monks, Dzongkar Choede Monastery. MOA from 7-8:30pm. Call 822-4604.

wednesday, jan. 19

Orthopedics Grand Rounds

Intimidation In Education: A Review And Interactive Session. Larry Axelrod. VGH, Eye Care Centre Aud. at 7am. Call 875-4192.

UBC Teaching Community Seminar

Action Research. Harry Hubball, Centre for Teaching and Academic Growth/Curriculum Studies. TAG seminar room from 9-11am. To register or call 822-9149.

Research In Women's Studies Colloquium

Documentary filmmaking In China. Yue-Qing Yang. Women's Studies' lounge from 12:30-1:30pm. Call 822-9173.

Asian Studies Noon Lecture Series

Queer Fences: Sexuality In Contemporary Hong Kong Cinema. Helen Hok-Sze Leung. Asian Centre 604 from 12:30-2pm. Call 822-9266.

Nursing Rounds

Nurses' Views Of Their Working Environment: Implications For Their Work With Abused Women. Assoc. Prof. Angela Henderson. UBC Hosp., Koerner Pavilion, T-206 from 3-4pm. Call 822-7453.

Geography Colloquium

Vancouver Stories: Creating A New Exhibit. Joan Seidl, Vancouver Museum. Geography 201 at 3:30pm. Call 822-5904.

Applied Ethics Colloquium Series

Global Ecological Integrity And Human Health. Colin Soskolne, Epidemiology, Public Health Sciences, U of Alberta. Angus 413 from 4-6pm. Call 822-5139.

Theatre At UBC

The Way Of The World. Arne Zaslove, director. Frederic Wood Theatre at 7:30pm. Continues to Jan. 29. (Jan. 19 $6); adults $16; students/seniors $10. Call 822-2678.

Geography Outreach Seminar

Colonizing An Estuary. Cole Harris. Richmond Nature Park at 7:30pm. Refreshments. Call 822-3534; 273-7015.


Studying Whiteness: What's The Point? Karen Brodkin, keynote speaker. Green College at 7:30pm. Registration fee. To register or call Charles R. Menzies 822-2240.

Senate Meeting

Regular meeting of the Senate. Curtis 102 at 8pm. Call 822-2951.

thursday, jan. 20

Board Of Governors' Meeting

Open session begins at 8am. OAB Board and Senate room. Fifteen tickets available on first-come, first-served basis upon application to Board Secretary 24 hrs. before each meeting. To confirm date and time, check Call 822-2127.

Peter Wall Institute Theme Development Workshop

Qualitative Research In Genetics And Ethics. Mike Burgess, chair, Biomedical Ethics, Centre for Applied Ethics. University Centre 307 from 12:30-2pm. To register call Sue Cox 822-0536.

Centre For Feminist Legal Studies Lecture

What Does Poverty Have To Do With Violence Against Women? Lee Lakeman, Vancouver Rape and Women's Shelter. Curtis 157 from 12:30-2pm. Call 822-6523.

Religious Studies And Comparative Literature Seminar

Religion After Religion: Gershom Scholem, Mircea Eliade And Henry Corbin At Eranos. Steven M. Wasserstrom, Reed College. Buchanan D-113 from 2:30-4pm. Call 822-2889.

Centre For Chinese Research Seminar

Precious Volumes: An Introduction To Chinese Sectarian Scriptures From The Sixteenth And Seventeenth Centuries. Daniel L. Overmyer, Asian Studies. CK Choi 120 from 4:30-6pm. Call 822-2629.

Medieval And Renaissance Lecture

After The Plague: Towns, Guilds, Plays. Anne Higgens, English, SFU. Green College at 4:30pm. Call 822-1878.


Constructive Engagements: Gender, Ethnicity And Class. Bridget O'Laughlin, Deborah Fink, keynote speakers. Green College at 7:30pm. Registration fee. To register or call Charles R. Menzies 822-2240.

St. John's College Speaker Series

Why Was Darwin Believed? The Origin Of Species And The Problem Of Intellectual Revolution. John Angus Campbell, Communication, U of Memphis. St. John's College Fairmont Social Lounge at 7:30pm. Call 822-8781.

friday, jan. 21

Pediatric Grand Rounds

Fight Or Flight? Physiology And Adaptation To Air Travel. Andrew Macnab, Critical Care, B.C.'s Children's Hosp. GF Strong Aud. from 9-10am. Call 875-2307.

Fish 500 Seminar

Time Modeled As An Explicit Feature To Quantify Habitat Quality And Preference Of Chinook Salmon In Western Lake Ontario At Two Time Scales. Denis Roy, Earth and Ocean Sciences. Hut B-8, Ralf Yorque Room at 11:30am. Refreshments at 11am. Call 822-2731.

Centre For Japanese Research Seminar

From Civilization And Enlightenment To Good Wives And Wise Mothers: Education For Two Generations Of Meiji Women. Patricia Tsurumi, honorary research associate. CK Choi 120 from 12:30-2pm. Call 822-2629.

Religious Studies And Comparative Literature Lecture

Sharing Secrets: Esotericism And Interconfessionalism In The 12th century. Steven M. Wasserstrom, Religious Studies, Reed College. Buchanan D-238 at 12:30pm. Call 822-2889.

Mathematics Colloquium

Small Scale Asymptotic Models For Large Scale Simulations Of Turbulent Pre-mixed Flames. Prof. Anne Bourlioux, U of Montreal. Math 100 at 3:30pm. Refreshments Math Annex 1115 at 3:15pm. Call 822-2666.

Chemical Engineering Weekly Seminar

Use Of Polymers In Wastewater Sludge Dewatering. Hongmei Zhao. ChemEng 206 at 3:30pm. Call 822-3238.


Social Inequality, Local Processes And Global Systems. Thomas Patterson; Gerald Sider, keynote speakers. Green College at 7:30pm. Registration fee. To register, e-mail: or call Charles R. Menzies 822-2240.

saturday, jan. 22


Practical Applications Of Integrative, Complementary And Alternative Medicine. Various Speakers. First Nations Longhouse conference hall from 8am-4:15pm. Registration fees include continental breakfast, refreshments, lunch. To register or call 822-8085.


Towards A Politically Engaged Anthropology. Gavin Smith, keynote speaker. Green College at 7:30pm. Registration fee. To register or call Charles R. Menzies 822-2240.

Vancouver Institute Lecture

Confronting The Microbe Menace. Prof. Brett Finlay, Biological Sciences. IRC#2 at 8:15pm. Call 822-3131.

sunday, jan. 23

Museum Of Anthropology Public Program

Sacred Art Of The Mandalas. Tibetan Monks, Dzongkar Choede Monastery. MOA at 2pm. Call 822-4604.

monday, jan. 24

Member Speaker Series

The Naked World Bank: NUD*IST Software And Revealing Poverty. Sarah Koch-Schulte, Community and Regional Planning. Green College at 5:30pm. Call 822-1878.

Thematic Lecture Series: Myths Of Nations

Aspects Of Czecho-Slovak Identity. Jiri Holub, Charles U. Green College at 7:30pm. Call 822-1878.

tuesday, jan. 25

Fire And Ice 2000

Chili Cook-Off Contest. IRC from 11:30am-2pm. Continues Jan. 26. Entry deadline: Jan. 19. E-mail: or call 822-1812.

Sing Tao School of Journalism Special Lecture

Canadian Newspapers Are Becoming Increasingly Opinionated. Should We Worry? Duart Farquharson, former foreign correspondent, Southam News. Sing Tao 104 from 12:30-2pm. Call 822-6688.

UBC Teaching Community Seminar

Increasing Student Participation In Lecture-Based Classes. Eleanor Boyle, Capilano College. TAG seminar room from 2-4pm. To register or call 822-9149.

Green College Speaker Series

Girls, Tools And Schools: What's Sex Got To Do With It? Mary Bryson, Education. Green College at 5pm. Reception from 6-6:30pm. Call 822-1878.

Museum Of Anthropology Exhibit Opening

Raven's Reprise: Contemporary Works By First Nations Artists. Various artists. MOA at 7pm. Call 822-5087.

Museum Of Anthropology Gallery Opening

Northwest Coast Gallery Opening. Various artists. MOA at 7pm. Call 822-5087.

wednesday, jan. 26

Orthopedics Grand Rounds

Computerized Assisted Knee Replacement: Background And New Proposal. Bas Masri, Kevin Inkpen. VGH, Eye Care Centre Aud. at 7am. Call 875-4192.

IX Annual UBC Arts Graduate Students' Conference

Articulating Ambivalent Legacies. Various speakers. Green College. Continues to Jan. 28. To register e-mail: or 438-8904.

Asian Studies Noon Lecture Series

Barrister Baty: Japan Vs. The League Of Nations. Prof. Peter Obias, Tokyo U of Foreign Studies. Asian Centre 604 from 12:30-2pm. Call 822-9266.

Geography Colloquium

Flows, Patterns And Sediment Suspension Over Dunes In The Fraser Valley. Paul Villard. Geography 201 at 3:30pm. Call 822-5904.

Institute of Asian Research Seminar

Globalization And The Transform-ation Of Asian Societies: Dollars And A Lot of Dead Fish: Consequences Of The Integration Of Gujarat's Fishery Into The Global Market. Derek Johnson, U of Guelph. CK Choi 120 from 4:30-6pm. Call 822-2629.

thursday, jan. 27

Centre for India And Southeast Asia Research Film

From The Ground Up. Evelyn Nodwell, anthropologist, producer. CK Choi 120 from 12:30-2pm. Call 822-2629.

Agricultural Sciences Slide Show

An Arctic Winter Sanctuary. Assoc. Prof. Michael Pitt, Kathleen Pitt, ITServices. ForSciences 1221 from 12:30-2:30pm. Call 822-1219.

Fine Arts/Joan Carlisle Lecture

Digital Visual Culture: Taking Stock After The Hype. Martin Lister, head, Cultural and Media Studies, Newport School of Art and Design. Lasserre 102 from 12:30-2:30pm. Call 822-2757.

Biostatistics/SFU Seminar Series

A Linkage Disequilibrium (LD) Study In The Newfoundland Population Reduces The Bardet-Biedl Syndrome (I) (BBSI) Interval To One Centimetre. Terry-Lynn Young, Medicine, Memorial U; William S. Davidson, dean, Science; Molecular Biology and Biochemistry, SFU. SFU campus, Math and Statistics K-9509 at 3:30pm. Call 822-0570.

Genetics Graduate Program Seminar Series

Adenoviral-Mediated Gene Transfer Of The Human Lipoprotein Lipase Gene. Kate Ashbourne. Wesbrook 201 at 3:30pm. Refreshments. Call 822-8764.

Law And Society Panel Discussion

Law And Society Issues In The 21st Century. Margot Young, chair; various round-table members. Green College at 5pm. Call 822-1878.

St. John's College Speaker Series

Global Water Issues. David Brooks, International Development Research Centre. St. John's College Lecture Hall 1080 at 5:15pm. Call 822-8781.

friday, jan. 28

Pediatric Grand Rounds Site Wide

Upshots From The Vaccine Centre. Dr. David Scheifele, Pediatrics; director, Vaccine Evaluation Centre. GF Strong Aud. from 9-10am. Call 875-2307.

Fish 500 Seminar

Trial Of New Side-Looking Fisheries Sonars In The Southern Strait Of Georgia. Mark Trevorrow, IOS-DFO. Hut B-8, Ralf Yorque Room at 11:30am. Refreshments at 11am. Call 822-2731.

Pharmaceutical Sciences Seminar

An In Vitro-Retrovirus Model To Decipher The Mechanisms Governing Blood Cell Maturation And Lineage Commitment. Asst. Prof. Kelly McNagny, Biomedical Research Centre. Cunningham 160 from 12:30-1:30pm. Call 822-7795.

Chemical Engineering Weekly Seminar

Enhanced Fermentation Of Spent Sulfite Liquor Using A Recombinant Saccharomyces Strain. ChemEng 206 at 3:30pm. Call 822-3238.


Research Study

EcoRisk Research unit is seeking UBC staff members to volunteer for a research study investigating public perceptions about the benefits and risks of space exploration. A booklet and questionnaire will be campus-mailed to you to complete at your convenience. Call Joseph 822-9261.

Premenstrual Asthma Study

UBC/St. Paul's Hosp. researchers are seeking females with asthma and regular menstrual cycles for a study on estrogen's effects on asthma symptoms and lung function. Must be 18-45 years of age, non-smokers, and NOT taking birth control pills. Honorarium and free peak flow meter provided. If interested, please call 875-2886.

Sexual Assault Research

The Anxiety and Fear Laboratory in the Dept. of Psychology requires female volunteers who have experienced unwanted sexual activity to participate in a research project. If you have ever had sex with someone when you didn't want to, because the other person continued the event when you said no, forced or threatened to force you, or because you were given alcohol or drugs, and you would be interested in helping us with our research, please call 822-9028. Confidentiality and privacy protected.

Parkinson's Research

A research team from UBC is asking for the assistance of people with Parkinson's to participate in research. This research is aimed at under-standing how Parkinson's may affect complex activities such as managing multiple tasks. Participation involves performing fairly simple tasks, some of which involve responding verbally to computer screen displays. The general goal of this work is to develop effective methods of coping with Parkinson's. If you are a healthy person of the age 50 years or older, we are also in need of several people to participate in this study as part of a non-Parkinson's comparison group. If you would like to participate or require more information, please contact Todd Woodward, Psychology, 822-3227.

Museum Of Anthropology Exhibition

Objects Of Intrigue. Continues to March 31. A Break In The Ice: Inuit Prints From The Linda J. Lemmens Collection. Continues to Feb 2. Attributed to Edenshaw: Identifying The Hand Of The Artist. Continues to Feb. 13. Three Case Studies. Northwest Coast Art. Continues to August. Raven's Reprise: Contemporary Works by First Nations Artists. Jan. 26-Jan. 14 2001. Philippine Pottery From The Tecson Collection. Continues to April. or call 822-5087 or 822-5950.

Child Behaviour Research

How do parents see challenging child behaviours? We are asking parents of seven-14 year olds to tell us by completing an anonymous, 30-minute questionnaire. You can receive the results. Please call Assoc. Prof. Johnston's lab, 822-9037.

Psychology Study

We are seeking healthy eight-12 year olds and their mothers to take part in a psychology study to find out more about how children learn about hurts and pains. For more information, call Prof. Craig's lab at 822-5280.

Traumatic Stress Clinic

Psychologists conducting research at the Traumatic Stress Clinic at UBC Psychiatry are offering free treatment to people suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). PTSD is caused by events such as physical or sexual assault, and motor vehicle accidents. Call the Traumatic Stress Clinic at 822-8040.

UBC Zen Society

Zazen (sitting meditation) each Tuesday from 1:30-2:20pm while classes in session. Asian Centre Tea Gallery. All welcome. Call 822-2573.

Bike Workshop

Free bike care clinic with Jason Addy, master bike mechanic. SUB loading dock, room 41, every Wednesday from 6pm-7pm. Call 822-BIKE.

Bike Repair Party

Help repair and paint public bikes and learn as you go. MacMillan (sw corner), every Tuesday from 4-8pm. Call 822-4566.

Vancouver Team Handball

Looking for players at all levels. Osborne Gym, Fridays from 7-9pm. Call 222-2074 or visit

TRIUMF Public Tours

Tours are available every Wednesday and Friday to April 28 starting at 1pm and lasting approx. 1 hr. 15 min. Group tours may be arranged by calling the TRIUMF Information Office 222-7355.

UBC Campus Tours

Walking tours of the campus available upon request. E-mail or call the Ceremonies Office at 822-0949 to book a time.

AMS Rentsline

Helping students find housing since 1993, the AMS Rentsline is UBC's off-campus housing registry. This service gives students access to hundreds of rental listings, and landlords access to thousands of students looking for housing. You can call the Rentsline from any touchtone phone 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Call 714-4848.

Pride UBC Alumni Search

Out In The Millennium: Celebrating 20 years Of Outweek (1980-2000). This event is for our current GLBT members and alumni, as well as our friends and allies. Call Amar (co-chair) 222-3542.

Faculty Women's Club

The Faculty Women's Club brings together women connected to the university either through their work or that of their spouses, for social activities and lectures. The main purpose of the Faculty Women's Club is to raise funds for student scholar-ships. There are 19 different interest groups within the club, ranging from art appreciation and bridge to hiking. Do come and join us! Call Barbara Tait, president 224-0938; Gwyneth Westwick, membership 263-6612.

Twin Research

Are you, or do you know a female adult twin? We are studying the relationship types of fraternal and identical female twins. If you can help by completing some questionnaires and being interviewed about relationships, please e-mail: or call Tannis MacBeth, Psychology at 822 4826.

Research Study

Hard-of-hearing university students are invited to discuss their post-secondary experiences for a PhD study. Involves interviews and the option of jotting down thoughts twice weekly over a three-week period. Honorarium to be provided. Contact Ruth Warick, graduate student, in the Dept. of Educational Services, UBC, Phone/FAX 224-4198 or e-mail

UBC Utilities Advisory Notice

UBC Utilities regularly performs maintenance work on underground piping and electrical systems. Work sites are always blocked off with appropriate signs and barriers, however sometimes unauthorized individuals remove these signs and barriers. Please approach work sites cautiously and respect signs and/or work crew instructions to avoid potential harm. Potential hazards including falling, electrical shock, burns, and other harmful events. If you have any questions concerning a UBC Utilities work site, please call 822-9445.

Parents with Babies

Have you ever wondered how babies learn to talk? Help us find out! We are looking for parents with babies between four to 21 months of age, including babies raised in a bilingual home, to participate in language development studies. If you are interested in bringing your baby for a one-hour visit, please call Prof. Janet Werker's Infant Studies Centre, Psychology, 822-6408 (ask for Kate).

Parents With Toddlers

Did you know your child is a word-learning expert? Help us learn how children come to be so skilled at learning new words. We are looking for children (two-four years old) and their parent(s) to participate in language studies. If you are interested in bringing your child for a 45-minute visit, please call Asst. Prof. Geoffrey Hall's Language Development Centre, Psychology, 822-9294 (ask for Kelley).


The British Columbia Seniors Medication Information Line (BC SMILE), answered by licensed pharmacists, is a free telephone hotline established to assist seniors, their families and caregivers with any medication-related questions including side effects, drug interactions, and the misuses of prescription and non-prescription drugs when it is not possible to direct such questions to their regular pharmacist or physician. Monday to Friday 10am-4pm. Call 822-1330 or e-mail

Statistical Consulting And Research Lab (SCARL)

SCARL offers statistical advice and long or short-term assistance to researchers. Resources include expertise in many areas of statistical methodology and a variety of statistical software., e-mail: or call 822-4037.

UBC Fencing Club

UBC Fencing Club meets every Tuesday 7-9pm and Sunday 2-5pm in Osborne Gym A. Learn decision-making, poise and control. New-comers welcome. Drop-in fee. Leave message at 878-7060.

Chan Centre Tours

Free tours of the Chan Centre for the Performing Arts are held every Thurs-day. Participants are asked to meet in the Chan Centre main lobby at 1pm. Special group tours can be booked through or at 822-1815.

Got A Stepfather?

17-23 years old? Love him, hate him or indifferent, you qualify. $10 for 30- minute anonymous questionnaire, student or non-student, mailed survey. or Susan at 822-4919.