Banker, communicator join Board of Governors

Two students also elected to serve one-year board term

A leader in the Canadian banking industry is among four new members joining UBC's 15-member Board of Governors.

Linda Crompton, chief executive officer of Citizens Bank--Canada's first branchless bank to offer core financial services and products electronically--has been appointed to the board for a three-year term.

Known in the business community for her strong commitment to social issues, Crompton is an advocate for corporate responsibility and ethical business practice.

She is especially interested in the role of business in developing an ecologically and socially relevant global economy.

Stephen Howard, director of communications and research for the Hospital Employees' Union (HEU), has also been appointed for a three-year term. A graduate of Simon Fraser University, Howard oversees the union's communication plans, health-care policy development and government relations programs. HEU is the largest health-care union in B.C.

Third-year Commerce student Maili Wong has been elected to the board for a one-year term.

Wong sits on the Commerce Undergraduate Society student council and has served as an executive member of both the Chinese Varsity Club and UBC Dance Horizons. She is also a member of the UBC Portfolio Management Foundation where she helps manage a $2-million securities portfolio.

Tieg Martin, a third-year Arts student, has also been elected for a one-year term. Martin aims to improve communication with students and help them better understand how the university works.

An international traveler, Martin has visited Australia, North Africa, the Balkans, Central America and other countries.