New master's program will focus on European studies

Students will benefit from interdisciplinary opportunities

Senate has unanimously approved a new Master of Arts in European Studies. The two-year program, which is subject to provincial approval, is expected to begin in September.

"It is our understanding that the program is the first of its kind in Canada and we're very excited to be offering it to UBC students," says Sima Godfrey, director of the Institute for European Studies which will administer the program within the Faculty of Graduate Studies.

While European studies have traditionally focused on politics, geography and history-related issues, the new program will take a more multidisciplinary approach, she says.

"There are professors and researchers in every faculty on this campus who are directly involved in research involving Europe and often with European partners," she says.

Students in the proposed program will take a series of core courses with electives in disciplines of their choice which may include historical, cultural, environmental, economic, and public policy issues. Spending one term studying at a European university or in an approved internship position in Europe will be recommended.

Turning greater attention toward Europe is part of UBC's commitment to internationalization as outlined in Trek 2000, the university's vision document.

Any faculty or staff member with a background in European research or teaching is invited to contact Godfrey at 604-822-8723 to help the institute determine the scope of resources on campus.

The new program and other initiatives within the institute have been made possible in part by support from the European Commission and from the German Academic Exchange Service.