Crime catchers take action on campus

Program will draw on models that are in use at other B.C. universities

Campus crime stoppers--a version of the popular and effective crime-reporting program--is UBC's newest weapon in combating crime on campus.

"We're looking for volunteers to set up the chapter," says Jeff Bingley, Campus Security operations supervisor. "This is a chance for members of the campus community to take some positive action, to increase their knowledge of policing and contribute to the university."

The goal of the program is to increase awareness of crimes committed on campus and to encourage witnesses to crime to call the central Crime Stoppers action line at 669-TIPS. Rewards of up to $2,000 are given for information leading to arrest and charges.

The proposed chapter will draw from models at other campuses including Simon Fraser University, the B.C. Institute of Technology and the University of Victoria.

"These programs succeed because of the sense of ownership and pride people have for their university," says Bingley. "It also makes good sense--university budgets should be used for education, not replacing damaged property or stolen equipment."

Theft of and from vehicles, vandalism to university and personal property, assault and verbal harassment are all reportable crimes. Volunteers will form a board of directors to advertise the program, raise funds for promotions, review information about crime on campus and determine reward amounts. Board members do not know the identity of victims, witnesses or suspects.

In addition to serving on the board, students may contribute by participating in promotional events and video re-enactments of crime.

UBC crime statistics reported to the RCMP can be found through the community programs section of the Campus Security Web site at

Campus Crime Stoppers is supported by the Alma Mater Society Innovative Projects Fund.

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