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Classroom upgrades ahead of schedule

UBC is on track to surpass its Trek 2000 targets to upgrade classrooms and labs throughout the campus.

Small is beautiful for students in residence

"Room for rent -- 204 square feet. Comes complete with desk, bed, roommate and 1,148 neighbours. Shared bathroom with 30 other people. No pets, hanging pictures or painting walls. Potted plants welcome. Meals included. Total cost, $612 per month."

Even IKEA would have a hard time making this living space feel like home.

So why is it that each year UBC's residence complexes enjoy full capacity? There must be something drawing the students other than the opportunity to eat cafeteria food three times a day.

Campus campaign gets set to soar

UBC is gearing up for another strong United Way Campaign across campus this year after raising almost $300,000 in 1998.

Society welcomes four UBC fellows

Four UBC faculty members recently elected to the Royal Society of Canada include an electrical engineer specializing in electronic signal processing, a neuropsychologist who studies the human-canine bond, and two ocean science researchers.

Volunteers help propel Imagine into third year

The first day of university is a huge step into the unknown and UBC is once again pointing new students in the right direction by cancelling first-year classes.

Instead, on Sept. 7, 4,400 new undergraduates will meet their MUG, attend a pep rally, workshops and faculty information sessions and stay late for a tropical party.

$200 tuition but what else has changed in 50 years?

Sniffing paper fresh off the Gestetner copier is a delight most students now will never experience, so is $200 tuition fees, but was university life really so different in the decades gone by?

Expert to reel in facts on fishing's ecological effects

Fisheries Centre Prof. Daniel Pauly has received a $3-million grant to study the impact of excessive fishing on the marine ecosystems of the North Atlantic.

Zoologist receives Order of Canada

A Zoology professor, a former UBC chancellor, an opera star alumnus and the choral director of UBC's largest choir have been named to the Order of Canada.