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A listing of UBC-related or UBC-sponsored events occurring on campus and off campus within the Lower Mainland from September 5 through September 18, 1999. The previous calendar is also available.

For events further in the future, see Live@UBC.

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September 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18

Tuesday, Sept. 7

Botany Seminar

Summer Food-Plant Selection By Snowshoe Hares. Pippa Secombe Hett. BioSciences 2000 from 12:30-1:30pm. Call 822-2133.

Lectures In Modern Chemistry

Novel Host And Host-Guest Systems: The Tetraheterodecalin Paradigm. Benzion Fuchs, Tel-Aviv U. Chemistry B-250 at 1pm, refreshments at 12:40pm. Call 822-3057 or

Registration For Film 434B

Registration now open for new student-directed seminar Film in Post-colonial Asia. Not available through Telereg. Call 254-6364.

Wednesday, Sept. 8

Orthopaedics Grand Rounds

Reconstruction Of Skeletal Defects Involving Diaphyseal Bone. Dr. Graham Robbins. VGH, Eye Care Centre Aud. at 7am. Call 875-4192.

Individual Interdisciplinary Studies Graduate Program

Bridging The Conceptual Divide Between Scientific, Sociological And Arts Interdisciplinarity. Redouane Fakir, Shafik Dharamsi. Green College at 5pm. Call 822-1878.

Thursday, Sept. 9

Centre For Applied Ethics Colloquium

Genetics, Ethics And Religion: Hispanic Families In New Mexico And Southern Colorado. Deborah Blake, Religious Studies, Regis U. Angus from 4-6pm. Call 822-5139.

Friday, Sept. 10

Pediatric Grand Rounds

Comparative Genomics: The Universal Genome And Human Disease. Philip Hieter, PhD, Medical Genetics, associate director of the Centre For Molecular Medicine and Therapeutics. GF Strong Aud. from 9-10am. Call 875-2307.

Occupational Hygiene Seminar Series

Active Control Of Environmental And Industrial Noise. Jingnan Guo, Mechanical Engineering, Occupational Hygiene. UBC Hosp., Koerner Pavilion G-279 from 12:30-1:30pm. Call 822-9861.

Sunday, Sept. 12

Nunavut Forum

Inuk writer and filmmaker Minnie Freeman hosts screenings and discussions on the visual and cinematic arts produced in the North. MOA Theatre Gallery at 2pm. Call 822-5950.

Monday, Sept. 13

Student Resources Workshop

Study Resources On Campus. IRC#6 from 12:30-1:20pm. Call 822-4319.

Tuesday, Sept. 14

The Faculty Women's Club

Coffee On The Terrace. 6251 Cecil Green Park Rd. at 10am. Call 224-5877.

Botany Seminar

Discovering Genes Involved In Branching Decisions In Neurospora Crassa. Aleksandra Virag. BioSciences 2000, from 12:30-1:30pm. Call 822-2133.

Intercultural Studies In Asia Book Launch

Women's Writing, Women's Life. Author Keun Sook Kang, Centre for Korean Research. CK Choi 120 from 12:30-2pm. Call 822-2629.

Lectures in Modern Chemistry

Watching Proteins Move: Molecular Rock And Roll. Dwayne Miller, U of Toronto. Chemistry B-250 at 1pm. Refreshments at 12:40pm. Call 822-3057 or

Equality/Security/Community Colloquium

The Measurement of Unemployment: New Evidence For The United States And Canada. Craig Riddell, Economics. Green College at 3:30pm. Call 822-1878.

Statistics Seminar

Improved Estimation Of Location Parameters. William Strawderman, Rutgers U. CSCI 301 from 4-5:30pm. Refreshments (bring mug). Call 822-0570.

Women, Science & Technology Speaker Series

Gender And Science: Why Do The Issues Matter? Prof. Sandra Harding, UCLA. St. John's College 1080 at 4:45pm. Call 822-8781.

Nunavut Forum

Inuk writer and filmmaker Minnie Freeman hosts screenings and discussions on the visual and cinematic arts produced in the North. MOA Theatre Gallery at 7pm. Call 822-5950.

Wednesday, Sept. 15

Orthopedics Grand Rounds

ACL Ruptures - Who Gets It And Why. Dr. J.P. McConkey & Associates. Eye Care Centre Aud. at 7am. Call 875-4192.

Nursing Rounds

Balancing Personal And Family Trajectories: A Contribution To Family Health. Assoc Prof. Wendy Hall. UBC Hosp., Koerner Pavilion T-206 from 3-4pm. Call 822-7453.

Notetaking Workshop

Notetaking Skills. IRC#6 from 12:30-1:20pm. Call 822-4319.

Comparative Literature

Dante's Divine Comedy In Japanese Perspective. Sukehiro Hirakawa, Tokyo U. Buchanan Penthouse at 1:30pm. Call 822-1878.

Institute of Asian Research Seminar

Globalization And The Transformation Of Asian Societies. The Transformation Of Sri Lankan Society: The Patronage State, Dissolving Social Categories And Conflict. Barrie Morrison, honorary professor. CK Choi 120 from 4:30-6pm. Call 822-2629.

Thursday, Sept. 16

Global Change Speaker Series

Low Frequency Climate Variability And Its Link To The Thermocline. Andrew Weaver, Earth & Ocean Sciences, U of Victoria. St. John's College 1080 at 5:30pm. Call 822-8781.

One Day Symposium

The Ethics And Aesthetics Of Photojournalism. In conjunction with the World Press photo exhibit in the atrium of the Hong Kong Bank. St. John's College 1080 from 9am-5:00pm. Call 822-1452.

Friday, Sept. 17

29th UBC Medieval Workshop

The Book Unbound: Manuscript Studies and Editorial Theory For The 21st Century. Various speakers. Green College Coach House from 9am-6pm. $25; free to UBC students. Call 822-4094.

Pediatric Grand Rounds

Peripheral Neuropathies In Childhood: Interesting New Aspects. Elke Roland, MD, associate professor, Neurology. GF Strong Aud. from 9-10am. Call 875-2307.

Awards & Financial Aid Workshop

Know Your Financial Resources. IRC#6 from 12:30-1:20pm. Call 822-4319.

English Lecture

The Medieval Aesthetic Of "Mneme" In The Making And Reading of Books. Mary Carruthers, New York U. Buchanan A-100 at 12:30pm. Call 822-4094.

Pharmaceutical Sciences Seminar

Potential Role Of Cardiac Lipoprotein Lipase In The Progression Of Heart Failure During Diabetes. Nanda Sambandam, PhD candidate. Cunningham 160, from 12:30-1:30pm. Call 822-7795.

Occupational Hygiene Seminar Series

Vietnam: 30 Years After. Assoc Prof. Chris van Netten, Health Care and Epidemiology. UBC Hosp., Koerner Pavilion G-279 from 12:30-1:30pm. Call 822-9861.

Barbecue and Live Music

AMS 16th Annual Welcome Back Barbecue. MacInnes Field from 1-8pm. Refreshments, five bands. Call 822-8998.

Chemical Engineering Seminar

Screening Adsorbents For A Layered Bed Using Breakthrough Experiments. Stevo Kovacevic. ChemEng 206 at 3:30pm. Call 822-3238.

Saturday, Sept. 18

29th UBC Medieval Workshop

The Book Unbound: Manuscript Studies And Editorial Theory For The 21st Century. Various Speakers. Green College Coach House from 9-6pm. $25; free to UBC students. Call 822-4094.

Centre for Japanese Research & Dept. of Asian Studies Conference

Nostalgic Journeys: Literary Pilgrimages Between Japan And `The West'. A conference in honour of Prof. Kin'ya Tsuruta. CK Choi 120 from 9am-5pm. $10/day or $15/two days. Call 228-8517.

Bike Mechanic Workshop

Comprehensive One-Day Bike Mechanic Course. Bike Hub (SW MacMillan) from 10am-3pm. $20. Bring your own bike and lunch. Limited space. Call 822-BIKE to sign up.

Thrift and Bake Sale

University Hill United Church, 6050 Chancellor Blvd. from 10am-3pm. Call 822-4178.

Painting Exhibition

Contemporary Ink And Watercolour. Hye-Kyung Kim. Asian Centre Aud. from 11am-6pm. Continues to Sept. 30. Call 822-3114.


Foozball Table Found

Outside campus building four months ago. Call Suresh Bhindi, Campus Patrol at 822-2222.

Bike Workshop

Free bike care clinic with Jason Addy, master bike mechanic. SUB loading dock Room 41, every Wednesday from 6pm-7pm. Call 822-BIKE.

Bike Repair Party

Help repair and paint public bikes and learn as you go. MacMillan (SW corner), every Tuesday from 4-8pm. Call 822-4566.

Vancouver Team Handball

Looking for players at all levels. Osborne Gym, Tuesdays from 8-10pm. Call 822-4576.

TRIUMF Public Tours

Tours are available every Wednesday and Friday from Sept. 1-April 28 from 1-2:15pm. Group tours may be arranged by calling the TRIUMF Information Office 222-7355.

Research Study

We are seeking healthy 8-12-year-olds and their mothers to take part in a psychology study to find out more about how children learn about hurts and pains. For more information, call Dr. Craig's lab 822-5280.

Studies in Hearing and Communication

Senior (65 years or older) and Junior (18-35) volunteers needed. If your first language is English and your hearing is relatively good, we need your participation in studies examining hearing and communication abilities. All studies take place at UBC. Hearing screened. Honorarium paid. Please call The Hearing Lab, 822-9474.

AMS Rentsline

Helping students find housing since 1993, the AMS Rentsline is UBC's off-campus housing registry. This service gives students access to hundreds of rental listings, and landlords access to thousands of students looking for housing. You can call the Rentsline from any touch tone phone 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Call 714-4848.

Museum Of Anthropology Exhibition

Objects Of Intrigue. Continues to Dec. 31. Nunavutmiutanik Elisasiniq: A Tribute To The Peoples Of Nunavut; A Break In The Ice: Inuit Prints From The Linda J. Lemmens Collection. Continues to Sept. 6. Attributed to Edenshaw: Identifying The Hand Of The Artist. Continues to Feb. 13. Free to UBC students, staff, faculty. Web site: or call 822-5087 or 822-5950.

Pride UBC

Out In The Millennium. Celebrating 20 years of Outweek! This event is for out current members, alumni, as well as out friends and allies in the GLBT community. Call 222-3542.

Gardens Open

The Nitobe Memorial Garden, UBC Botanical Garden and Shop in the Garden will be open until Oct. 11 (inclusive) from 10am-6pm daily (including weekends). For the gardens call 822-9666 and the Shop 822-4529.

Faculty Women's Club

The Faculty Women's Club is composed of academic faculty and professional staff at UBC, its affiliated colleges, the library, Health Sciences Centre, and post-doctoral fellows from across campus. It brings together women connected to the university either through their work or that of the spouses, for social activities and lectures. The main purpose of the Faculty Women's Club is to raise funds for student scholarships. There are 19 different interest groups within the club, ranging from art appreciation and bridge to hiking. Do come and join us! Call Barbara Tait, president 224-0938; Gwyneth Westwick, membership 263-6612.

Community Cattle-Call

If you have a talent you would like to share, a skill you would like to exercise or a hand you would like to lend (and we know you do) please call early to help us co-ordinate a smooth event, the University Hill community festival. We're looking for storytellers, clowns and entertainers and open air market vendors. Call 822-4824 or 729-5610.

Female Volunteers

Daughters who have returned home to live with their parents are needed for a PhD psychology study. An interview at your convenience is required. Please call Michele 269-9986.

Twin Research

Are you, or do you know a female adult twin? We are studying the relationship types of fraternal and identical female twins. If you can help by completing some questionnaires and being interviewed about relationships, please e-mail: or call Tannis MacBeth, Psychology 822-4826.

UBC Utilities Advisory Notice

UBC Utilities regularly performs maintenance work on underground piping and electrical systems. Work sites are always blocked off with appropriate signs and barriers, however sometimes these signs and barriers are removed by unauthorized individuals. Please approach work sites cautiously and respect signs and/or work crew instructions to avoid potential harm. Potential hazards including falling, electrical shock, burns, and other harmful events. If you have any questions concerning a UBC Utilities work site, please call 822-9445.

Parents with Babies

Have you ever wondered how babies learn to talk? Help us find out! We are looking for parents with babies between four to 21 months of age to participate in language development studies. If you are interested in bringing your baby for a one-hour visit, please call Prof. Janet Werker's Infant Studies Centre, Psychology, 822-6408 (ask for Kate).

Parents With Toddlers

Did you know your child is a word-learning expert? Help us learn how children come to be so skilled at learning new words! We are looking for children (two-four years old) and their parent(s) to participate in language studies. If you are interested in bringing your child for a forty-five minute visit, please call Asst. Prof. Geoffrey Hall's Language Development Centre, Psychology at UBC, 822-9294 (ask for Kelley).


The British Columbia Seniors Medication Information Line (BC SMILE), answered by licensed pharmacists, is a free telephone hotline established to assist seniors, their families and caregivers with any medication-related questions including side effects, drug interactions, and the misuses of prescription and non-prescription drugs when it is not possible to direct such questions to their regular pharmacist or physician. Monday to Friday 10am-4pm. Call 822-1330 or e-mail

Statistical Consulting And Research Lab (SCARL)

SCARL offers statistical advice and long or short-term assistance to researchers. Resources include expertise in many areas of statistical methodology and a variety of statistical software. Web site:, e-mail: or call 822-4037.

UBC Fencing Club

UBC Fencing Club meets every Tuesday 7-9pm and Sunday 2-5pm in Osborne Gym A. Learn decision-making, poise and control. Newcomers welcome. Drop-in fee. Leave message at 878-7060.

UBC Birding

Join a one-hour birding walk around UBC Campus, every Thursday at 12:30pm. Meet at the Rose Garden flagpole. Bring binoculars if you have them. For details, call Jeremy Gordon 822-8966.

Chan Centre Tours

Free tours of the Chan Centre for the Performing Arts are held every Tuesday. Participants are asked to meet in the Chan Centre main lobby at 1pm. Special group tours can be booked through or at 822-1815.

Got A Stepfather?

17-23 years old? Love him, hate him or indifferent, you qualify. $10 for 30 min., anonymous questionnaire, student or non-student, mailed survey. Contact or Susan at 822-4919.

Research Study

5-12 year old children are needed to participate in UBC Psychology research to learn more about the ways children respond to questions about cartoons and stories. Please call Dr. Johnston's lab at 822-9037.