Web site revamped to improve access

The university's main Web site at www.ubc.ca has a new look and feel. The redesign is the initial phase of a larger and more comprehensive project to radically reshape the use of the Web at UBC.

The primary goal of the redesign, carried out by UBC Public Affairs and ITServices, is to provide improved information access for prospective students who increasingly use university Web sites as a key information source. The second objective was to visually reshape the site and improve navigational links and search mechanisms.

The new home page features a current theme plus five primary links for prospective students, current students, UBC alumni, faculty and staff, and general visitors.

Only the top and secondary level pages have changed in this phase with minimal new content creation.

Ideas for future phases of the project include Web design templates and standards to facilitate a degree of consistency, but not uniformity, throughout UBC's Web presence. Other possibilities include creating personalized "portal" views of Web-based information.

Ideas and suggestions for the site are welcome and can be e-mailed to webdev@itservices.ubc.ca.

An on-line survey is also available on the Web site to solicit specific suggestions for future developments and improvements.

The previous site was voluntarily maintained and enhanced by a small group of dedicated staff in the Office of Budget and Planning.