Are you a big loser? If so, the staff of UBC's Lost and Found office wants to hear from you.

The office, located in the dark recesses of War Memorial Gym basement, houses a vast collection of stray belongings mislaid by students, faculty, staff and visitors to campus.

So what are people losing at UBC?

"Well, there was the eyeball," says Kim McElroy, facilities manager in the Dept. of Athletics and Recreation. The wearer of the artificial eye never did appear so McElroy sent the item to the Canadian National Institute for the Blind in the hopes of a reunion with its owner.

Dental plates, orthodontic equipment and insulin kits are other personal items that have come through the Lost and Found. And underwear. And prescription glasses. And PhD dissertations.

Boxes bulge with footwear, sports equipment, every shape, size and colour of umbrella -- mostly broken -- and a small mountain of towels is piled in a corner.

A single shelf holds a teddy bear, a dinky toy, an iron file and a drumstick. Underneath lie dozens of plastic water bottles and a box of car and house keys that is almost too heavy to lift.

"Most of the people who drop by are nice. Some are desperate especially when they've lost notes or books at exam time," says Katalin Szirony, a third-year Human Kinetics student staff member who operates the facility.

Twice a year, abandoned articles are sold at deep discounts and there are bargains to be had on cameras, CDs and cell phones.

Anything left after the sales are donated to charities. Stationery supplies find their way to a South American schools project, glasses go to eye health projects in developing countries and warm clothing goes to Vancouver's Union Gospel Mission for the homeless.

Lost items can be reported using the Lost and Found hotline and people can claim their belongings any Thursday from 1-3 p.m. Found items can be dropped off at any time the gym is open at the equipment dispensary located in the foyer.

All big losers (and finders) are encouraged to get in touch with the Lost and Found at 604-822-3515.