Undergraduates on leading edge

Twenty-two students have been named Wesbrook Scholars for outstanding achievement among undergraduates. Students must rank in the top 10 per cent of their class and must possess the ability to serve, work with and lead other people.

An honorary designation, Wesbrook Scholars are nominated by their faculty or school and selected by a committee.

To qualify, students must complete at least one winter session, be in their second to last or final year of undergraduate studies, or in the Doctor of Medicine or Doctor of Dental Medicine programs.

The awards are sponsored by the Wesbrook Society, an organization of the university's major benefactors.

This year's Wesbrook Scholars are:

Faisal Baloch, Law; Chris Halsey-Brandt, Arts; Huy Chau, Science; Roger Donaldson, Science; Erica Ellis, Arts; Jody Jacques, Medicine; Kirsten Jenkins, Law; Kristi Kenyon, Arts; Lauren Lewis, Medicine; Scott MacLachlan, Science; Jonathan Nakane, Science; Lori Passmore, Science; Peter Smith, Law; Neena Sonik, Commerce and Business Administration; Michelle Withers, Medicine; Paul Yong, Science.

Also joining the ranks of the Wesbrook Scholars are winners of the Sherwood Lett, Harry Logan, Amy E. Sauder/Jean Craig Smith, John. H. Mitchell, and C.K. Choi Scholarships, who automatically receive the designation.

They are: Fahreen Dossa, Science (Sherwood Lett Memorial Scholarship); Laura Bennion, Medicine (C. K. Choi Scholarship); Kristine Chambers, Human Kinetics (Harry Logan Memorial Scholarship); Kim Stanton, Law (John H. Mitchell Memorial Scholarship); Jenna Newman, Arts (Amy E. Sauder Scholarship); Kibben Jackson, Law (Jean Craig Smith Scholarship).