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Brain research gets $3.4 million funding

The Brain Research Centre has received $3.4 million in capital funding from the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI).

Physicist wins one of three national Killams

Physics Prof. Walter Hardy is one of three 1999 recipients of a $50,000 Killam Prize, one of Canada's most distinguished annual awards. It is given to Canadians in the natural sciences, health sciences and engineering by the Canada Council for the Arts.

Hockey school builds heroes on, off the ice

The UBC hockey school instructors are standing on elevated platforms, each armed with tennis ball shooters, the kind used by tennis instructors to simulate serves.

Millennium agreement extends B.C. grants for students

A government plan to help cut debt among post-secondary students is good news on campus.

The partnership between Victoria and the Canada Millennium Scholarship Foundation (CMS) will extend grants to B.C. students in their third and fourth years of study.

First class finds alternative route to working in computing industry

The first students in an innovative Computer Science work-study program at UBC are now busy gaining invaluable work experience with companies in the information technology industry.

Third agers keep on learning

With summer vacation in full swing, and the evidence of various graduation parties swept into collective memory banks, few graduates could imagine that they might still be taking classes well into their eighties. But, as students of the Third Age Spring Lecture series might tell you, learning doesn't stop once the diploma has been framed.

Team to evaluate deaf, hard-of-hearing service

Imagine your child has been hit by a car. The doctor finally enters the emergency waiting room with news of her condition. Now imagine you can't hear what the doctor is saying.

For deaf and hard of hearing persons in B.C. this may have been a typical scenario until last October when the Supreme Court of Canada guaranteed access to free confidential medical interpreting services.

Scientists spot elusive neutrinos in Sudbury

UBC scientists are among the first to see the light created when neutrinos, the elusive but most common particles in the universe, interact in 1,000 tonnes of heavy water.

Students trapped in SERF for emergency practice

For 25 students from University Hill Secondary School the June morning was filled with cries for help from inside collapsed debris, search and rescue dog teams, and TV cameras. It ended on stretchers in ambulances, on the way to hospital.

Graduates leave gifts behind

UBC graduating students raised more than $30,000 from their peers and handpicked 16 legacy gifts for the benefit of future students in the eighth annual Class Act campaign.

Eco-criticism drives group's local study

A dozen graduate students from English, Geography and the Faculty of Education recently completed UBC's first-ever course in the newly emerging field of eco-criticism. The course focused on an interdisciplinary study of the relationship between literature and the physical environment.

Alumni Association names new board

UBC's Alumni Association has announced the members of its board of directors for the coming year. The board is elected by alumni.