Program's aim to build leadership skills

A new program to help women students develop strategic leadership skills has been created by the Women Students' Office.

The Women's Leadership Program: Applied Skills and Strategies offers more than a dozen 90-minute workshops designed to strengthen personal and interpersonal skills.

Marsha Trew, director of the Women Students' Office, says students have to be adept in understanding not only themselves but others to succeed today.

"Preparing to live and work in a global environment means developing personal and social competencies," she says. "Leadership effectiveness begins with self-awareness and grows to an understanding of others."

Workshop topics range from understanding personal style and conflict resolution to exploring diversity and managing emotions.

Trew says the skills and strategies women will gain from these seminars can be used immediately or applied to future careers.

"Whether women are preparing a class presentation, making their way through a degree program or getting ready for their first job, they're being called on to take charge of their own potential," she says.

Each workshop costs $5. Students who complete a minimum of six will earn a certificate. For further information or to register call the Women Students' Office at 604-822-2415.