Student to be B.C.'s Rhodes Scholar

UBC Physics graduate student Murray McCutcheon is B.C.'s latest Rhodes Scholar.

McCutcheon, who also holds an undergraduate degree in honours Physics from UBC, will pursue a two-year program in philosophy, politics and economics at Oxford.

"I hope to broaden my perspective of the human world beyond my focused research of the physical world," he says.

McCutcheon will complete his master's degree in Physics at UBC this year. He studies the optical properties of semi-conductors -- substances that have partial conductivity and are used in integrated circuits and transistors.

In addition to his academic pursuits, McCutcheon is a competitive triathlete. He has been a regular participant in UBC Intramural Sports triathlons and was a member of the Canadian national team.

He has also served as a representative of the Physics Dept. for the Graduate Student Society.

McCutcheon's UBC awards include the President's Entrance Scholarship and the Rudi Haering Medal for earning the highest academic standing in his undergraduate Physics class.

The Rhodes Scholarship provides all expenses for two years of study at Oxford University, with an option for a third year. There are 11 scholarships awarded across Canada with one allocated to B.C.

It requires a high level of scholastic achievement, accomplishment in sport, strong qualities of leadership and demonstrated public service.