Bike Kitchen opens for business on campus

Got a sick bike and nowhere to fix it?

Cyclists can now use repair facilities at the Alma Mater Society Bike Kitchen.

"We want to support all bike users as part of our plan to reduce single vehicle traffic at UBC by 20 per cent over the next five years," says Gord Lovegrove, UBC's director of Transportation and Planning.

Open to members of the public and the UBC community, the campus repair shop rents do-it-yourself fix-it space for $5 per hour. The facility can provide a repair assistant for $10 per hour. Bikes can be dropped off for repair for $30 per hour.

The Bike Kitchen also sells items such as locks, lights and reflective gear.

Free mechanic training is available for students who volunteer at the shop.

A portion of the proceeds from the shop will support the Alma Mater Society Bike Co-op program. The co-op has a fleet of more than 50 recycled bikes that can be used by co-op members on campus.

Located in Room 41 in the Student Union Building, the Bike Kitchen is open Tuesday to Thursday from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Customers can reach the shop from the loading dock at the northeast corner of the building or by following the signs along the hallway between the Bank of Montreal and the video arcade.

For more information call 82-SPEED (827-7333) or visit the Web site at